Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Sleepy Tuesday

I was exhausted today! We got home, and i watched a movie, Penelope, it was pretty cute, i ate some soup and hung out with Miley. I went to bed at around 7:30, Jon woke me up at 9 to tell me about the mess miley had made, she is such a funny lil princess. Jon came upstairs to find a long trail of toilet paper that miley had taken from his bathroom and out into the hallway. Shes too cute, so of course Jon had to snap some pictures.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sunday Funday

This morning was a little rough, we don't usually party as much as we did this weekend so it was a tough start to the day. I was finally feeling okay around 6 so we went to Target, and i ended up finding some boots for work for only $20!!! I was very happy about that! We also bought "Sorry" which i love! we then went to Jamba Juice and to Hagen's to get stuff for dinner. It was nice and relaxing to sit at the dinner table and play "Sorry" with jon and eat dinner. I beat Jon 3xs and he only won once :) He hates losing to me and i love it! lol. we also watched the Amazing Race, which we have been addicted to lately and then went to bed.


Saturday, November 13, 2010

Go Ducks!!

Another weekend another Duck game! Holly and I made plans to get manicures this morning, so she came and picked me up at 12:30 and we headed to the nail salon. After that, we went to red robin for some lunch. It was nice to have a nice girl morning and talk. Since we can no longer have our usual Wednesday happy hours since she is pregnant, it was nice to do this :) Afterwards we went back to my place to get ready for everyone to come over. I love having people over for the games. Miley was even in her new duck shirt to show her support :) It was a close game but we won and are still #1!!!!!!!!! After the game, Holly went home and so did David. The rest of us got ready to go downtown because we had to meet up with the Reeds for Laurens birthday. We went to the Barrel room and it was a lot of fun. It was Jon, Rob, Gabe, Courtney and I. It was fun to hang out and dance with friends. After the Barrel room we went to rococo's and danced some more. Courtney and Rob ended up spending the night with us. I'm glad we had a fun relaxing night :)


Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Jon and I stopped at Target on the way home and got Miley some new clothes :) we got her a vest to keep her warm when we take her on walks and also a few lil shirts and a new dog dish. I love our puppy and dressing her up. She is so darn cute! When we got home, i put miley in her new princess shirt and then put her vest over that and we took her on a walk. She looked so cute!


Thursday, November 4, 2010

Engagement Pictures

Jon and I met up with Andrew today after work to take some of our engagement pictures. We have been waiting for a sunny day so that we can take some fun pictures outside, so today was the day. Jon went to a party store and bought balloons and also brought Miley. They picked me up from work and we pulled over to the side of Terwilliger and walked down to a park that's at the bottom of the hill. On the way down, 1 balloon poped so we were only left with 4. We took some really funny pictures with the balloons and also with Miley, i cannot wait to see them. It started to get really cold so we decided to head downtown and take some out there. We took a few in front of the Portland sign and also some in front of an old church. It was a fun shoot and now we just need to take some at a candy store and well be set! I'm super excited for the candy store shoot because i think that the pictures are going to turn out so cute!!


Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Jon and I are getting our engagement pictures done tomorrow, so Jon and I went shopping for something for me to wear because i wanted to get a cute new shirt for tomorrow. I ended up getting a pink shirt at Victoria's secret and Jon and I also got matching shirts from the Duck store, i really like the shirts we got, i really like getting new duck shirts :)
(Not the color of the shirt that i got, i got the neon pink shirt)


Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!!!!

Today was a pretty low key day, Jon wasn't feeling to great after all the fun he had the night before so we just hung out and watched movies, then Alyson, Andrew and Ayden came over. It was so cute seeing Ayden in his Halloween costume, he was a robot and it was adorable! They hung out for a while and we put on a movie for Ayden to watch and fed him lots of candy. It was a very fun low key night, which is perfect since we have to work tomorrow! I was actually kinda sad that we didn't get any trick or treaters, but its alright, more candy for Jon and i :)


Saturday, October 30, 2010

Ducks / Halloween Party

Today was a very eventful day! We had people over for the Duck game, which started at 5, then during halftime, Holly, Heather, Corry and I went upstairs to start getting ready for the Halloween Party we were going to that night. Its a lot of fun getting ready with a bunch of girls, Janet then came over and helped us get ready too. The Ducks ended up winning, which doesn't surprise anyone, :) and that made for an even better night. Once the game was over, Jon and Ivan got ready too. Janet was a Sailor, Holly a strawberry, Heather a pirate, i was a clown, Ivan was some sort of 70s porn star, Matt was a banana, and Jon was a clown also. 1st we went to hotseat to see everyone and say hi to Alyson's because she was working. Then we went to the party, which was in Tigard. I love going to this Halloween party because its so fun and no drama, this is the 3rd year we have gone to it. Jon was living up the clown costume and being as ridicules as possible. We all had a lot of fun!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Halloween Shopping

Jon and I got our last min costume accessory's today after work, i cannot wait until tomorrow when i can dress up like a clown! I'm so excited. I also got some super cute hello kitty slippers that i love! I was very excited about them, and they are so comfy. Jon and I didn't do anything tonight, we just watched a movie, Paranormal Activity, its such a good movie, especially during Halloween :)


Saturday, October 23, 2010

I said YES to the dress!!!!

I had to be up early this morning to meet up with my mom and sisters. We went back to Charlotte's because i wanted my mom’s approval on the dress i will wear on my big day. I tried on the 2 dresses that i really liked the last time i went and then i also tried on a few others. There was a designer from "Say yes to the dress" at Charlotte's today and she picked out a dress that she wanted me to try on. It was a fun dress to try on but it definitely wasn't a Wendy dress. It was too much of a sexy dress, which is not me! Anyway, i 1st tried on the fun dress that i really liked. The whole bottom of the dress is big flowers and its soo pretty. My mom liked it and thought it looked nice but she wasn't in love with it, my sisters felt the same way. I then tried on my other favorite dress and my mom loved it, it had a big long train and it is very traditional, but i still wasn’t sure if it was the one. I just feel like the traditional dress is too safe for me, and i want something that's going to stand out and set me apart. I then tried on a few others but the whole time, i knew that it was going to be either the traditional one or the fun one. I decided that i would try them on again. I tried on the fun one 1st and instantly, my mom and sisters realized that this was the dress. My mom could tell how happy I looked and felt in it, she actually almost cried! :) But yea, the fun one is totally me, its fun and funky but still princess and it’s definitely the perfect dress for a vineyard wedding. The only downfall on this is that it’s an expensive dress, but my mom and i compromised and she paid for half and I'm going to pay for the other half when my dress arrives. I'm so happy with my dress; i cannot wait to wear it on my big day!!!!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Dog Park

Jon and I took Miley for a walk at a nearby Frisbee Golf course, which also has walking trials. Before we headed to the park, Jon bought me a Carmel Apple Spice, and believe me, it was a hassle to find one! 1st we went to the drive through Starbucks by our place and they were out of apple juice, then we decided to go to the Starbucks inside boarders and they were out too! So we had to drive over to Safeway and we were lucky to find it there, my goodness! I didn't know that the caramel apple spice's we so popular! We only went to 3 different Starbucks because they are all within a block of each other and they were on our way to the park. Anyway, Miley really enjoyed herself at the park, she was going CRAZY! She didn't know where to look/sniff/or walk! I thought the walk would have tired her out but nope, once we got home she began running laps around the couch. I need to seriously record her doing this because its sooo freaking funny, she just has so much energy! I think we’ll do the same thing with her tomorrow, since we are having some really nice fall weather at the moment.
We also watched "The Human Centipede" last night, and OMG! That was horrible! 1st of all the acting was really bad and 2nd it was just stupid! Jon and I were expecting a scary creepy movie but it wasn't at all. Yes, the concept human centipede sounds disgusting and creepy, which it was, i just think that the movie was badly made and they could have done a lot more with it. That movie was a waste of our time.

Monday, October 18, 2010

More Baking :)

Jon and I didn't do much today, but i did decide to bake some more muffins, this time they were cinnamon muffins and they turned out really well. Just another yummy treat for Jon to enjoy. I plan on taking one with me each morning for breakfast.


Sunday, October 17, 2010

Another Lazy Sunday

Jon and I slept in today and it felt so good! After we got up we met up with Mike and Jessica at Old Chicago for some football and .50 cent wings. Jon and I love going to Old Chicago on Sunday’s for their wings. After we got home, Mike came over to watch some more football and i was upstairs caught up on "Birdezillas" I LOVE that show, it cracks me up and makes me want to make sure that i DO NOT behave like that the week before my wedding. Back to work tomorrow!


Saturday, October 16, 2010

Dinner & Date Night

Jon was hurting today from all the fun he had last night at our engagement party so he slept for most of the morning and afternoon. While he slept i went to Patty's house to pick up Miley because Eli babysat her for us. Miley gets pretty worn out when she spends the night at Patty's house because she is surrounded by kids that all want to play with her, she was so cute on the drive home. I let her sit in the front seat and she slept most of the way home. Once we got off the freeway she came over and sat on my lap while i drove. I love her so much, I'm so happy that we adopted her! Once Jon finally got up, we decided to go to California Pizza Kitchen for dinner because we haven't been there in so long, and also to go to a movie. We decided to watch Jackass 3D, it was a pretty funny movie, some parts were pretty gross but it’s expected. We also went to the Sweet Factory to get some candy for the movie and i got a really cute Hello Kitty lunch pale, I'm very happy that i got it :)


Friday, October 15, 2010

Engagement Party!

Today was me and Jon's engagement party. It was a lot of fun; it was at Alyson’s house. Her and Holly did a really good job with everything and it was great to hang out with all of our friends. I’m so happy that i have such great friends that do wonderful things for us :)


Thursday, October 14, 2010

Mr. & Mrs.

Joe and Kim came over tonight to say hi because they are unable to make it to our engagement party tomorrow. They brought us a really cute gift, 1st the bag the gift came in was a pink princess castle with the Disney princesses on it, which of course i love! But they also got us each a mug that says "Mr." on Jon's and "Mrs." on mine. They are really cute and i cannot wait until I sip some hot chocolate out of mine :)


Wednesday, October 13, 2010


I made some poppy seed muffins tonight for Jon, and they turned out really good. I love to bake and cook and I'm starting to notice that I'm getting a lot better at both, which makes me very happy! I remember when i was a kid i always said that i was never going to cook and i would have someone else cook for me and now, i love it! Unless I'm really tired, i would rather make dinner for Jon and i rather than going out to eat. Now i just have to get good at cooking Mexican food and i will be set!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Childhood Pictures

Jon and I went to my mom’s house after work today to go through my baby pictures because Alyson asked me for some for our engagement party this weekend. It was so much fun looking through all of the pictures; i didn't realize how many my mom had. It kinda made me sad seeing the ones of me and my dad because things are so different now, that he won’t even be at my wedding. But i did find many and i put aside all of the pictures that i liked so that we can use them for our slide show on the wedding day. I cannot wait!!!

Also, Jon got a job offer from his regional manager to move to Seattle and become manager of his own office. This is a very big decision and a huge opportunity for Jon. I told Jon that i was fine moving if that’s what he wanted to do. I’m scared to move but also very excited for Jon. Jon is meeting with his manager on Monday to go over all the detail to make sure that this is what he wants to do. We’ll see what happens!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Wine Tasting

The Reeds came over today and took us wine tasting. It was really fun! We sat outside and drank some wine and just hung out. After that we went back home and i asked Lauren to be a bridesmaid. She was very excited about this, and the whole time we were hanging out she kept hinting towards our wedding and asking if she was going to be one, so i was giving her a hard time and wouldn't tell her if she was going to be in the wedding or not. Lauren also bought me a really nice wedding planner, which i was very excited about because I’ve been wanted one.

We also called Zenith this morning and spoke with the owner and let them know that we want to book our wedding with them! Jon pulled out the credit card and we put down the security deposit to hold our date! WERE GETTING MARRIED JULY 24TH 2011!!!!
I cannot wait!!! I’m soooo excited!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

More Wedding planning

We had an early morning today; we had to be at Willamette Valley Vineyard by 9:30 to check out their wedding venue. We got there a little late but were able to check out the space. The space DID NOT compare to Zenith! After we left the place we realized that Zenith is the place we want to get married at, so we decided not to go look at any other venues. Once we got back into town i dropped Jon off at David’s house so that he could watch the Duck game while i met up with Holly, Janet and Alyson at Charlotte's so i can try out some wedding dresses. It was a fun time with the girls, i tried on quite a few dresses and i think i found the one that i want! Now i just need to show it to my mom and see what she says. After the dresses, i went back to David’s to meet up with Jon and watch the rest of the Duck game, which the ducks happened to win again and now the Ducks are 2nd in the nation :) After the game Jon and I headed home, but we decided to stop at Macy's to register :) That was fun but Jon was a little overwhelmed with everything so we didn't get much done. On the way home I talked to my mom and she said that she will buy me my wedding dress which makes me very happy because i wasn't expecting her to buy it for me. I'm so excited with everything and that we are finally making some decisions!


Friday, October 8, 2010

Date Night

Jon and I went to the Old Spaghetti Factory for our date night dinner tonight. OSF is our restaurant, that's where we went on our 1st valentine’s day back in '08, so we wanted to go back since we got engaged and we also had to celebrate Jon's promotion and my raise :) It was nice to have a fun dinner with Jon and we also went over some wedding stuff, because we are checking out 3 more venues tomorrow. Our hearts are set on Zenith vineyard but we want to check out other places just to be sure. After dinner we went home and watched "Couples Retreat" it was a funny movie and Miley was a happy girl cuddling on the couch with us :)

(This picture is from back in 2008, on our 1st Valentines day)

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Zenith Vineyard

Jon and I went to visit Zenith Vineyard today to check it out and see if we want it as our wedding venue. Oh my goodness! I fell in love with the place!!! I’ve had my eye on this place since day 1; i just think that it’s so beautiful and romantic, so we finally went and checked it out. We both fell in love with the place; i think this is the one! The place was specially designed for weddings and the lady that designed it did a very good job, i can even have my horse and carriage!!! Jon and I are going to look at 3 other places on Saturday and make out final decision on Sunday, but I'm pretty sure we already have our minds made up. I cannot wait to have my date set and my venue!


Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Beauty & the Beast

Beauty and the Beast came out on blue ray today, and I'm lucky enough to have a wonderful fiancĂ© that went out to buy it for me :) I was very excited, because this is my favorite childhood movie and i only have it on VHS and it’s really old, so Jon was sweet enough to get me the upgrade :) He also got himself a new video game that he has been talking about for weeks. So we were both happy campers. Jon ended up moving his PS3 upstairs so that he can play his new game in bed, we watched Beauty and the Beast until i feel asleep, and then he put his game in and played for a while. What a life! lol


Saturday, October 2, 2010

Chi Chi Is 18!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today is Michelle's 18th birthday, i cannot believe it, my lil sister is an adult now. Time sure dose go by fast. Jon and I went over to Patty's house today to have lunch with them and wish Michelle a happy birthday. After that we headed home to get ready for the duck game that was going to be on @ 5. Holly and Janet came over and so did David and 2 of his friends. It was such a great game to watch and we won! So now the Ducks are #3 in the nation, which is very exciting! After the game, the girls and i went upstairs to change because we decided to go downtown, it was a lot of fun but i ended up spending a lot more money than i had planned, not good. We went to the dirty and ran into Correy and then the boys came and met up with us. It was a very long night!


Friday, October 1, 2010

Beer Pong

Jon found a U of O beer pong table on craigslist today so he called the person who posted the ad and set up a time to stop by after work to check it out. We checked it out and really liked it so we arranged for them to drop it off at our place that night. They stopped by around 7 and dropped off the table, and then Jon called Mike and Jessica and they came over and we played some beer pong and then went to Old Chicago. It was fun, but I'm not a huge fan of playing beer pong, i get bored after a while, but i have no problem playing 1 game :) Now Jon is ready for the Duck game tomorrow!


Thursday, September 30, 2010

Aerie @ Eagels Landing

I’ve been looking at venues for a while now trying to find the perfect place for our big day. One of the issues that I've been having is that all of the venues that i like are all inclusive venues, which means they provide the catering, which isn't what i was looking for. I really want to have a wedding that shows my background and ethnicity, so i really wanted to have authentic Mexican food at our wedding but it doesn't look like that's going to happen. Jon and I decided that since we can’t have our wedding catered by the caterer that i want; we’ll just have our rehearsal dinner catered by the Mexican restaurant, which will make me happy :) Anyway, i found Aerie at Eagles Landing and i liked it so we made an appointment to check it out yesterday. It was a nice lil place with a golf course and miniature golf. I liked that you could have your entire wedding outside and not have to worry about have a big tent, which is what i don't want. It was a cute place but Jon and I didn't love it, so were going to keep looking. There is a vineyard in Salem that i love! And were going to check out that place sometime next week.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Holly and Alyson picked me up from work today and we headed to Melt to meet up with Janet. I’ve been planning a happy hour with all the girls that i want in the wedding but it just didn't seem to work out since everyone has different schedules. Lauren couldn't make it because she had to work late and Patty couldn't make it because it’s hard for her to have any free time with all of her kids, so it was just Alyson, Holly and Janet, which was okay with me :) It was nice to hang out with the girls and catch up. They were all very excited and happy that i had asked them to be part of the wedding. I can’t wait for all of the festivities that we will be having this year; I'm so excited for everything!


Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Hello Kitty

Jon and I went to Target today to get some things for our place and ended up getting some cute Halloween decorations and we also got Miley a super cute Halloween outfit, I'm not sure she really likes it, but she will eventually, lol. I also got some cute Hello Kitty silly bands, they are really cute. After we got home, I worked on my letters to my future bridesmaids. I also watched the Brittney Spears Glee episode and I loved it!!! I saved it on the DVR because I'm going to make Jon watch it with me, they did a really good job with it. I love Brittney!

Monday, September 27, 2010


Today Jon and I made plans to go to dinner with David and Correy. So after work, I rode the bus to Tigard, stopped at my mom’s house for about 45 mins so I could give her a check for my car insurance and also so she could see my ring, because she was in California when Jon proposed. It was nice to see her and we also talked about the wedding. She is so excited, as my whole family is, I keep stressing out over everything when I know I should just relax, I just want everything to be planned already so I can just concentrate on all the fun little things. After my mom’s house, Jon and I went home to check on Miley and then we head over to David and Correy’s, they just moved to a new place so we were meeting them at their apartment. I really like their new place, its downtown and in the middle of everything so they can just walk everywhere. While we were there, I gave Correy a card with the Hello Kitty candy asking her to be a bridesmaid, she was so excited and happy that I asked her to be in the wedding, and I'm glad that she is, were going to have a lot of fun together. Jon also asked David if he would be a groomsmen and he said yes too. If it wasn’t for David and Correy, Jon and I would have probably never met, so of course they must be in the wedding! So after all of that, we walked to Safeway and bought a bottle of wine, and then walked to the Macaroni Grill for dinner. Dinner was so yummy and it was nice that we were able to bring in our own bottle of wine. After dinner we walked around downtown and stopped in at another bar for a drink and then headed back to their place. It was a fun night and I'm happy to have them both in our wedding. Wednesday, I let the rest of my bridesmaids know that they have been selected! Can’t wait!!!

Saturday, September 25, 2010


This morning, Holly and I got up at 10:30 and got ready to go shopping at the Woodburn outlets. It was a sunny Saturday which was really nice. We went to the Coach outlet because Holly wanted a new bag for school, she found this super cute black messenger bag, I wish I could of gotten a new coach purse but I have to be good with my money right now :( We also went to Pac sun where I found 2 cute shirts, which only come out costing me $13 for both, I was very proud of myself! lol. After shopping Holly suggested we go to David’s Bridal to try on some wedding dresses. I've been a little nervous about trying on dresses because I feel like once I try the dresses on this whole wedding is going to feel so much more real. I was literally shaking when we got to David’s bridal because I was so nervous, I never thought that I would be but I definitely was. I’m glad we went tho because I found a dress I really liked, but I don’t want to commit to it yet because I want to look at other dresses too. I also tried on a few ball gowns, which is the kind of dress I've always wanted, the moment I tried it on I knew that I did not want a ball gown after all, I felt Ridiculous!! But I did try on the 1st dress that I liked again because it was so pretty. After David’s bridal we decided to go to Betsy Johnson because I REALLY want my bridesmaids to wear super cute Betsy Johnson dresses. Holly had fun trying on a few and I talked to one of the girls that works there and she gave me her card because she said that she can help pick the dresses out once were ready to come in and buy them, I'm sooo excited! After that we went to the Hello Kitty store and I bought some cute hello kitty candy, which I will give to my bridesmaids on Wednesday when I let them know that I want them to be in the wedding, I'm super excited!!!

After all of this shopping we finally headed home to watch the Duck game with our friends, Jon was home the whole time getting out place ready to have people over for the game. Everyone was already at our place when I got home. We watched the game and had a few beers, of course the Ducks won again. I love watching the duck games with friends, they are so much fun!


Friday, September 24, 2010


Holly texted me earlier today and asked if she could spend the night, because she’s currently living at home while Matt is away and her mom has been driving her crazy. I told her it was fine because Jon and I didn't have any plans for the night.
When Jon and I got home, we went to dinner at Magolian Grill right by our house to talk about our upcoming engagement party, we had to get our guest list made for Alyson, so we worked on that and just talked about the things we want on our special day. Then we went home and Holly texted me and said that she wanted to go out and get a drink when she got off work, which was fine with me :) So after Holly got off work, she picked me up and we went to Hotseat for a few drinks. I haven't been to hotseat in so long since Jon and I live so far away now, it was nice to hang out there but it was kinda boring, Patty came out to meet up with us too; we then left hotseat and went to Mixers. We hung out there for a little while and then headed home. We got home late but we have to get up early tomorrow to go shopping!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Boring Thursday

Not special happened today, i was proud of myself because i made us a yummy dinner with just the food that we had at home, which is a big deal to me because i always just want to run to the store and grab something there to make for dinner. I grilled some chicken, made some yummy rice and some corn, Jon was impressed and so was I. I was so tired today, after dinner, i asked Jon to clean up and i went upstairs, took a shower and went to bed.


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Easy A

After work today, i had to ride the bus to the Tigard transit center to meet up with Jon. He took our car to Break Team today during his lunch to get new breaks on the car, and the car was ready for us to pick up after we got off work, the total cost was $190, which isn’t as bad as i thought it was going to be, but it still sucked because it’s another expense we have to deal with, grrr..
After we got home, Holly came over because we had plans to go to the movies; we have been waiting for "Easy A" to come out in theaters so we were very excited to go see it. The movie was so freaking funny, i loved it, i can’t wait to see it again, it’s a total girl movie but i know that Jon will enjoy it too. After the movie we went to Old Chicago for some food and a drink.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Shopping in Vegas!

Today we got up around 9:30 again, i can never sleep in, and i didn’t want to waste my vacation on just sleeping and drinking. So we all got up and went to the Rain forest Cafe for breakfast. We were all pretty hung over from drinking so much the first 2 days in Vegas, so we just ate and drank juice and water to rehydrate. Rob ordered a beer but he couldn’t even drink it, lol. After breakfast we went back to the pool, i didn’t feel like drinking today, everyone else did but me. Jon and I only stayed at the pool for about an hour because i wanted to walk around the strip and check Vegas out during the day. Rob and Courtney stayed behind and we headed back to our room to freshen up. It was a nice shopping adventure; we went back to planet Hollywood because they have a huge shopping mall there. We went to the Volcom store, which i was very excited about! I ended up getting a shirt and some jeans, and the guy working there gave us some cool volcom stickers, which makes me happy :) Jon got a t-shirt at Champs. We went to the sugar factory and i really wanted to buy one of their lollipops but i didn't think that i should spend $25 on a sucker so i didn’t get one, but i really wanted the Brittney Spears one! We also went into the planet Hollywood souvenir store and i got a really cool planet Hollywood shirt and i got holly a shirt that says "Every day is Holly day" i couldn't pass it up :) On the way back to the MGM, we ran into Courtney and Rob and we all decided to go to dinner. I really wanted to go to a nice dinner so we went to "Pearl" a chines restaurant, it was really good and it was nice to have a relaxing dinner since this is our last night. Tonight Jon and I didn’t want to go to any clubs so Rob and Courtney met up with Robs sister and Jon and I went and did out own thing. We helped some lost tourist find the MGM and then we just walked around and had drinks at a few different bars. I’m ready to go back home. I’m too old to be drinking every day like this, lol


Thursday, September 16, 2010

Lazy River

Today we woke up around 9:30 and went for breakfast/lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe, by the time we got there it was actually lunch time, the sun was shining and it was so nice. After lunch we walked back to our hotel and headed to the pool. We were at the pool from about 1:00-7:30, it was so nice! I love the sunshine and hanging out by the pool. Jon and I got some cool MGM mugs at the bar which they filled with whatever icee drink you wanted, i got a daiquiri and Jon and some pink drink, i don’t remember the name. Courtney also got one but Rob got a bucket of beers. It was nice floating in the pool and enjoying the sunshine. After the pool closed we stopped at McDonald's on the way back to our room to grab some food and then we all went back to our rooms and napped! Then we woke up took showers and got ready to go out for the night. We meet up with Rob's sister and her friends at 10 and then we rode the monorail to Bally's hotel and then walked over to the Bellagio and went to "The Bank" which is some new club, we got in for free but the boys had to pay. I wasn’t really having much fun at that place because there were too many people, the drinks were super expensive and there was no room for us to dance, so Jon and I left. We 1st went to a little side bar in the Bellagio that had video poker, Jon and i played a few games and had a few drinks and then we walked over to Planet Hollywood. It was a fun walk and Jon took a few pictures of me in front of the Eiffel Tower. We walked around planet Hollywood and played on the Holly Madison poker machine and then we found a bar and had a few more drinks there. After that we headed back to the MGM, we didn't realize how far away we were, so we stopped at 7-Eleven and got hotdogs and a beer for our walk back, lol. I didn’t want to go to bed yet so we went back to our rooms to change because i was wearing a dress and then we went back out to the main floor to play some more poker, of course i kept losing, but it was fun. It was another late night but it was a lot of fun, i had fun wondering Vegas with Jon :)

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