Tuesday, September 13, 2011

My sweet husband

Yesterday, as i mentioned before, was a year since Jon proposed.  And since, i have such a sweet and caring man, who knows that i love to celebrate as many special moments as we can, he planned a special dinner for us.  On his lunch he went to the store to get groceries for our dinner, then went home and marinated stakes.  I got home, and he wasn't home yet, so i just started to clean up a little.  Jon walked in about 20 mins later with a bouquet of pink flowers for me, with a big pink bow.  The flowers also had daisy's, like the flowers we had at our wedding. He is so cute! Anyway, he got started on getting dinner ready.  I put the flowers in a vase that was used for our candy bar at the wedding, and also lit some candles and decorated the dinner table with the same decorations that we used on the dinner tables at our wedding, i also put the picture of him proposing on the table.  It was perfect and cute! Dinner was super yummy too, Jon did a really good job cooking the stakes.  After dinner, we just hang out and watched some TV.  I love him so much and i love that he doesn't mind doing all these little things for me.  He really is the perfect person for me.

Monday, September 12, 2011

A year ago today.......

Jon got down on one knee and proposed! I can still remember the day so well. I got up early Sunday morning because i had a nail appointment.  I was annoyed at Jon because he still hadn't proposed and that morning, he was telling me that he wasn't sure if the ring we had picked out was the ring he wanted to buy me and that he still wanted to shop around.  Of course that annoyed me, because i was SOOO ready for it to happen! Anyway, i left for my nail appointment (which happened to take 3 hrs) half way through my appointment Jon called me and asked me when i would be coming home.  I told him that i would be home soon and didn't understand why he cared when i came home, lol.  When i got home, he said that he wanted us to go for a walk, and that i should get pretty for our walk.  I told him that i already look pretty and that there was no need for me to shower and get dolled up if we were just going for a walk.  He made one last attempt to get met to get dolled up, which i still refused, and off we went.  We drove to Council Crest, which we had never been to before.  We get out of the car and started walking but then Jon ran back to the car because he "forgot" something.  Once he got back, we walked up to the view point, where there is a really pretty view of Mt. Hood, as we walked he started to tell me how much he loved me and how special i was to him, which i still didn't think anything of it because we talk to each other like that a lot. Anyway,  i had my camera, and wanted to take a picture.  I asked Jon to ask someone to take a picture of us, so he walked over to an older lady and asked her to take our picture, he also told her that he was going to propose, which i had no idea.  So i still there smiling waiting for the lady to take the picture, when Jon grabs my shoulders and turns me to face him, gets down on one knee, and asked me to marry him.  I was so confused and happy at the same time.  It was so cute and he was SOO nervous.  The lady was great and took pictures of the whole thing! I'm so glad that she captured the moment for us! It was so cute! and i just kept laughing.  The lady said congrats, we got our camera and headed back to the car.  Once we were in the car guess what i said?! "I wish i would of gotten pretty for this!" lol. My hair was a mess and i wasn't really wearing make up, the way i looked was okay for going for a walk but NOT for when your boyfriend is proposing to you! HAHAHAHA, so we headed back home and i took the shower i should of taken earlier that day and get "pretty" we then went to dinner where our friends met up with us to celebrate.  It was such a great and special day.  I loving thinking back to that day and how happy and special i felt.  I love Jon so much and i appreciate everything that he does for me.  I love that he likes to do sweet things for me because all of those little things make life so much more special.
Now a year later, I'm married to my best friend and my prince charming.I look back at our wedding pictures and just see how truly amazing and beautiful the wedding was.  I really did get my fairytale wedding.

And were living happily ever after!

Before i got pretty:

And after:

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