Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Monday Night Date Night

Yesterday i got a call from Jon during his lunch telling me that he wanted to do something special for me and take me out to dinner. I was very excited about this, because last week we didn't really get to spend any time together and i was a little upset.

I'm used to Jon revolving his world around me and living in Jon and Wendy's world, but since the Blazers are in the playoffs this year I've felt like I've was being pushed aside and sports were now became his #1 and I was not very happy about that.
So anyway, I was excited for our special night. I got home and he wasn't there, I figured that he decided to go to the gym before dinner, since he’s trying to lose weight. He got home a few minutes after me still dressed in his work clothes; I asked him where he has been. He told me that he decided to go tanning, then he got this smile on his face and said “I was actually at the store getting you a present". let me just tell you, I love getting presents and surprises from him! :) I was very excited about this, Jon loves getting me gifts and then hiding them around the apartment and then have me look for them, so i know the drill. I went out to the living room looked on the couch and didn't see anything, and then i looked over at the other couch, looked under his sweater and found my little surprises :)

He got me the new Jodi Picoult book, which is one of my favorite authors.

The new Kelly Clarkson CD

And some cute Hello Kitty socks

I love when he does these things for me because it’s the little things like this that make me fall in love with him more and more, because he knows me so well and he still loves me. What other guy would buy his 25 year old girlfriend Hello Kitty socks?? He has enough Hello Kitty things throughout the house he has to deal with and yet, he still gets me more hello kitty stuff because he loves me :)
Anyway, after all the excitement we went to PF Changs and had a nice romantic dinner with some yummy wine. We got a chance to finally sit and talk and be alone since last week. We talked about the stress from work, family, our friends’ upcoming weddings, and our vacation we plan on taking in July. After dinner we went and got some ice cream because i was craving some for a while now. Then we headed home.
When we got home we watched Beauty and the Beast which is my ultimate favorite Disney movie, i think this is the movie that made me believe in fairy tales and that I'm a Princess and should be treated like one :) Watching the movie with him made me so happy! It was so nice and cozy to be at home with my prince charming watching my favorite cartoon :) I then proceed to tell Jon that i wanted a Beauty and the Beast wedding along with the music :) He said that I could have whatever I wanted on my wedding day, so well just wait and see! Then it was off to bed, since it was a Monday night. It’s the best feeling to fall asleep with a big smile on your face in the arms of the man that you love.

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