Tuesday, February 28, 2012

RIP Gunnar

A friend of mine passed away this weekend.  When I found out, I was sad, but it didn't really hit me that he's gone until Monday.  It is so sad to think that our friend is gone.  I can only imagine how his family and best friends feel losing a brother and someone as amazing as Gunnar. 
I'm not very good with my words when it comes to death, I don't know what to say or how to express my sadness over something like this.  All I can say is that I am sad that he left us so soon and heartbroken over this tragedy. 

I leave this post with a quote that a friend posted on FB that definitely describes how our friend lived his life:
People that live wild, on the edge, making everyday count as if it were their last, do they die early from this lifestyle?
Or do these people somehow know their time on this earth is short and use this unconscious knowledge to live everyday to the fullest?
I'd like to think the latter.

RIP Gunnar.  You will be terribly missed

Friday, February 24, 2012

In home manicures

Miley and I had some girl time together yesterday.  I say Miley and I because she was pretty much sitting on my shoulder watching me do my nails.  She is too cute! I found this on pinterest and decided to try it.  Simple are cute are my things! 
The polishes I used 
Me & my girl
For the polka-dots, I put a drop of white nail polish on waxed paper and then dipped the tip of a toothpick in the polish.   It worked great! 
The final result
And again.  Its so awkward trying to take a picture of your nails!

Book Review

I give this book:
This is a book about a Jaycee Dugard, who she was kidnaped on her way to school when she was 11.  She was held captive in her kidnapers back yard for 18 years and had 2 daughters by him.  This book is written by her, and she talks about the 18 years she was held prisoner, when she was found and what her life is like now.  

This is such an amazing story, that captivated me when i first heard that she was found.  Jaycee is obviously a very strong person to have been able to survive everything her kidnapper put her through. 

The reason for my 3 stars is because there are some points in the book that were really hard to read.  She really didn't hold anything back and truly painted a picture for you as you read.  She painted such a great picture that i got a few nightmares reading the book.  It just so sad and crazy that things like this happened everyday around the world.  And its really amazing reading this story firsthand from the survivor.  

I would recommend this book to a friend because this is a very inspiring story about survival.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Mail box surprises!

I got my 1st letter from my.......
I was so excited to see her letter in my mailbox when i got home! 
I have a wonderful pen-pal from Italy, Ive always wanted to visit italy, now i can experience Italy through my pen-pal and her letters.   Her name is Beina, and here is the link to her blog.  Im excited to write her back and starting a wonderful friendship with her.
My letter along with a cute postcard 

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Vow

My friend Ainara and I are having a movie date tonight and watching "The Vow".  I am so excited! We both tried to get our guys to join us, but that didn't happen.  I would much rather watch it for the 1st time with a girlfriend.  They guys are happy they don't have to watch it and get a free night to hang out and do "guy things" which will pretty much consist of working out and playing video games! I think Ainara and I will have a much more exciting evening! lol

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Big sisters

I wanted to share this picture of my big sister Patty & I.  I love this picture of her and I, even thought we are little here, it definitely tells you how our relationship is.
Patty and I are only 3 years a part.  We also have 2 older sisters and 1 little sister.  Our 2 older sisters are about 10 years older than us, and our little sister is 9 years younger than me, so growing up, it was just Patty and I with our parents. 
Patty has always been very protective of me, she has always been there for me and stood by my side on my wedding day.  This picture definitely shows the protective side of Patty and it also show me, trying to  be miss independent and not wanting to hold her hand.  I am so thankful to have such a wonderful big sister as her.  Even to this day, if I ever have any kind of problem, I know that I can always turn to Patty and she will take care of it and make it all better. 
This is the 1st time we have ever lived so far a part from each other.  My sisters and mom all live in the same town about 5-10 minutes away from each other.  Its definitely been hard living so far away from my family, but it has also made me appreciate them 100x's more.  Back when i lived in Portland, I didn't see them as often as i should have.  Now living 3 hours away, makes me wish I still had that luxury of jumping in my car and heading to mom's for dinner.
This picture makes me miss the simple days, when we had no cares in the world.  When we lived in our own little world and all we did was play outside all day in sunny California.
Love you SEESTOR!!!!

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Monday, February 20, 2012

Weekend Recap

Jon and I had a very fun weekend with our friends from out of town.  They arrived at our place on Friday evening and then the fun began!
Friday night, we laid low and just went to the bar down the street from our place for some dinner and then we hit up the casino across the street.

Saturday we went out to breakfast, did some wine tasting in Woodinville and also went to Red Hook Brewery for some beer tasting.  We spent the rest of the evening hanging out at home and had people over.  We had a pretty fun night.  It was our 1st time having a big group of people over to our new place and it was great, we definitely need to do that more often.

Sunday was a VERY low key day.  Lauren & Jesse left at 11:00 to meet up with a friend for brunch and to hit the road back to Portland.  We had a very fun filled weekend and I'm glad that they were able to come up and spend a weekend with us.

Friday, February 17, 2012


I am so glad that Friday is FINALLY here!! This week has really dragged on. Work has been slower than usual, so that has made my week feel ever longer!

I am so excited that I get a 3 day AND we have friends coming into town tonight to stay with us for the weekend. We are going to have so much fun together, Jon and I haven't seen Lauren & Jesse since our wedding, and that was over 6 months ago. Lauren was one of my beautiful bridesmaids and I miss her so much!

Anyway, we will be doing some wine tasting tomorrow, because Jon and I live right down the street from all the vineyards, I cannot wait!

Let’s just hope that the day just fly’s by! I'm ready to start my fun filled weekend!

The 4 of us, celebrating the day Jon proposed!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentines date night

I thought I should share what happened to me last night during dinner....

 I was very excited about dinner with Jon at Sullivan's.  I got home and laid out my outfit that i planned to wear.  I had a new skirt, shirt and blazer for our date night, unfortunately, i didn't take a picture of my outfit, but it was super cute :)  We got ready and headed out to dinner.  When we got to Sullivan's, we checked our coats at the door and then sat that the bar until out table was ready.  Everything was going great! Jon and I were having a wonderful time enjoying each other.  
Me at dinner.  The flash was a little too bright for my eyes...Also, I'm wearing my Valentines gift from Jon.  A Betsey Johnson necklace, loves it!
Before our food came out, I decided to take a quick trip to the restroom and that's where it all began..... after I used the restroom, I began to pull my skirt down and I suddenly feel a little rip on the side of my skirt, i thought oh no, my new skirt! But i wasn't too worried, it was high enough that my shirt could just cover it.  So I continued pulling my skirt down, carefully, but no matter what i did, the seam on my skirt just kept getting bigger and bigger.  I seriously wanted to cry! I pulled down my skirt as best as i could, then I pulled my shirt down as much as i could, so that i could make it back to my seat without my skirt falling off!   I get to my table and sit down and tell Jon that we have a problem.  He had no idea what to think! lol.  So i tell him that my skirt's seam is coming apart, of course he has no idea how to help me.  As I'm sitting there telling him this, I can feel the seam to the skirt getting bigger and bigger! He tells me that we should try and enjoy the rest of our dinner and that well figure it out when we leave.  I don't think he had any idea how serious this was! lol.  I didn't want to ruin dinner over my darn skirt, so i tried to enjoy the rest of our dinner.  But in the back of my mind, all i could think about was how was i going to make it out of this restaurant without my skirt falling off?  I starting imagining myself getting up and my skirt just falling to the grown! And on top of that, every time i laughed or even moved, my skirt ripped just a little more.  Once we were done with dinner, I asked Jon to run down to coat check to get our coats, because there was NO WAY I was going to walk anywhere without a coat covering my butt! So my wonderful husband got up, before we could even order dessert, and got our coats.  I then just placed his coat on my lap and it made me feel a little better just know that i had something covering me up.  

Finally it was time to go... my coat wasn't long enjoy to cover me up, and of course they sat us all the way in the back on the 2ND floor, so I had to walk through the whole restaurant, wearing my husbands coat which was about 3 inches longer than my skirt, with my skirt STILL ripping! I felt like everyone was starring at me like I was some crazy person.  All it looked like i was wearing was boots, fishnet tights and a man coats, i can only imagine what people thought of me! lol.  We finally got to the safety of the car and made it home.  I was so happy to finally get out of that stupid skirt! I cannot believe that this happened!!! But i gotta say that it was pretty funny and Jon and I still had a wonderful time together.  After i got out of the skirt, we enjoyed some chocolate covered strawberries for dessert at home in my pi's!

The skirt

The little string was the only thing left at the bottom of my skirt...

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I just have to say, Valentines day is my favorite day ever! I know a lot of people think that its ridiculous, but i just love all of the pink and love! It makes me happy.  I actually keep a lot of our valentines day decorations around the house year round because i love it that much! lol
So here are the final products of my homemade gifts for my love.

I love that i found this idea!

All nice and wrapped for my love! 
He's not going to have a CLUE to whats inside! 
The front of his card.  He is definitely is my rockstar!
Inside cover :)
The back of the card
The envelope that i made for the card

His super cool frame that we made Friday night
Nice and wrapped for him

Im so excited to give him his gift! 
I had so much fun making all of this for Jon.  He's going to love it!

Plans for tonight are dinner at Sullivan's Steak House in downtown Seattle.  I cannot wait! Its going to be so delicious!

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