Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Reeds Visit!

Our friends from Oregon came down to visit us last month during the MLK weekend and we had a great time! Jon and I have been friends with the Reeds since the beginning of our relationship.  Jesse used to work with Jon at enterprise, and Lauren was a bridesmaid in our wedding.  We always have such a fun time when we hang out together!

They arrived on Thursday night, so we didn't do much since Jon and I had to work the next day.  So we just went out to dinner and had some drinks.
After dinner, hanging out in comfy Hello Kitty slippers!
Friday night, we went out with our friends and headed to downtown San Jose and showed them around the area and the bars.
Yes, I did go out with a "Pink" hoodie and pink jeans, I'm so cool! lol
Saturday morning, we headed to Santa Cruz for the day.   We headed to "Crows Nest" for lunch and mimosas! Its such a cute restaurant with such an awesome view! The sun was shining bright, so we got to sit outside on the deck and enjoyed the sunshine and the view.
The Reeds!
My California boy! Love him.
I loved the little champagne bottles! Of course I took mine home with me :)
After lunch, we walked out on the pier and took some pictures. 

Love my hubby and our California life!

While at lunch, we decided to stay for the night, so we booked a hotel, without even looking at it.  We had packed bags incase we decided to stay, so we were prepared.  We ended up getting a really cute little place, we loved it! It was our cute and cozy little home for the day.  
It was such a beautiful day, and our room had a little patio with a porch swing, so we spent the rest of our day hanging out there.  It was so peaceful and relaxing. 

Our home for the night
The next day, we walked around the town, checked out the beach and had some lunch before we headed back home. 
The little Mexican mart across the street from where we stayed.
What our place looked like from across the street. 
The beach was about 1 block away, so we took a stroll over and enjoyed the sunshine!

This is how we all felt when we got home Sunday night! We all just relaxed, order some pizza and watched some TV
The Reeds headed back home Monday afternoon.  Im so glad they made a trip down to see us, we had such a great time together! Hopefully, they had such a great time that they want to come back to visit soon! :)

Monday, February 18, 2013

Our Valentines Day celebration!

Jon and I had such a great Valentines Day celebration!

The celebrations started on Thursday, I got home from work to find a beautiful pink bouquet of flowers waiting for me :)  Jon planned our Valentine's day date, so I had no idea what the plan was or where we were going, but I knew Jon wouldn't disappoint!

Before we headed out to dinner, I gave Jon his gift, which was a homemade gift filled with love :)  He then told me that my gift hadn't arrived yet, so I would be receiving my gift at a later time.  Im not going to lie, I was a little annoyed, like he knows that Valentines day is my favorite time of year, how could my gift be late? But I let it go and give him his gift.

His cute gift :)  I made him coupons, one says "1 hour of playing video games with you.  You pick the game and no complaining" They are things that he always wants me to do with him, but never want to do.  He was very happy with this! 
Our 6th Valentines day together, our 2nd as a married couple :)
My pretty flowers, he did a good job :)
 So... we head out to dinner, I open the car door and what do I see????

OMG! You guys have no idea HOW happy I was to see that box sitting on my seat! 
A very happy Wendy!
I had to document the awesomeness of opening my gift :)
The tissue paper is so pretty! 
My new pretty & pink wallet! I love it SO much! I definitely did NOT expect this! 
My cutie pie :)
I decided to pull out my never worn Hello Kitty heels out of the box for this special night :)
 We headed to Santa Row for dinner, and dined at the delicious L.B. Steak.  The food was SO good! And since it was a pretty night out, we decided to sit outside, it was perfect!

Wearing his pink tie, I love that he has no problem wearing these colors :)
View of our dinner! So yummy!
We both ended up wearing our wedding gifts to each other, so we decided to document the moment :) 

 We had a great time at dinner.  And we continued our celebration into the weekend, and headed to Monterey Bay on Saturday for some more valentines day fun!  I love going to Monterey Bay, we always have a good time, and its fun to walk around the pier, checking out the shops.
We had lunch at "Old Fisherman's Grotto" and it was SO good! And I was also brave and order my very 1st seafood meal and Im glad that I did.  I order the mexican style shrimp cocktail and it was delicious! Everything tasted so fresh!
I definitely want to go back there and order it again.  Of course, Jon had to document this great moment! :)

How beautiful is this??!! It doesn't look real! 
It was a beautiful sunny day on Saturday, it was about 70 degrees out, I loved it! I cant wait until the spring and summer so I can enjoy all of the sunshine even more!  We had a wonderful 1st Valentines day in California :)

Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentines day swap fun!!!

So I signed up for this awesome valentines day swap and got I was lucky enough to have Kayla, from My Kind of Yellow, who is just too cute! as my swapper and boy did she do a great job!  She definitely understood the kind of girl I am and what I love.
Hello Kitty, PINK, and polka dots!! Thats all Wendy! :)
Kayla, Thank you SO much for my awesome gifts, I love and appreciate them so much! I hope everyone was lucky enough to have an awesome swapper and had a Valentines day filled with love!

Erin & Megan, thank you so much for putting this swap together!!
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