Friday, September 28, 2012

1 year Wedding Anniversary Photo shoot sneak peek

Back in August Jon and I had our 1 year wedding anniversary photo shoot.  I wanted the shoot to be special, so we headed back to Zenith vineyards, where we got married and had some fun in the sun!

Jon and I are lucky enough that one of our best friends are photographers!  If you are in the Portland area and are in need of an awesome photographer, check out our friend Andrew, from Andrew Paul Photography!

Here is a sneak peak of some of the pictures from the shoot! I cannot wait until we get to see the rest, Miley of course made a special appearance in the pictures too!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Our lil Princess

Miley has been getting all sort of spoiled since we moved and I think its starting to get to her head!

Back in Washington, we had a pretty good routine down for her, she had her "room" which is her crate.  Its not a little crate either, its huge for her!  Its a crate for a big lab, but we wanted to give her as much room as we could when she's in there.

Miley would spend her day in her crate while Jon and I were at work, and she would also sleep  in her crate every night.  We would only let her sleep with us as a special treat and on some weekends.  But now that has all changed!

She has slept with us every night since we moved, she actually growls at Jon when he comes to bed and tries to move her, such a brat!  And since I don't have a job yet, we spend our days together, me looking for a job and her, napping on a pink pillow on the couch.  She's really going to hate life when we have to go back to her old routine.

Here are some super cute pictures of her from the past month.....
Here is Miley out at the BAR! lol.  When she was staying with Jon's manager while we were staying at a hotel, he decided to take her to the bar with him one night.  I guess she was a hit there! 
Not wanting to get out of bed...
Tutoring her and putting a football helmet on her head! lol  She was not a fan! 
Do you see her little head behind the hello kittys?  She loves to take naps there
Im a little obsessed with her! She looks like a little baby here! 
Enjoying her treat from her Barkbox!
Napping her life away
Fresh from the groomers, How cute does she look???? I couldn't stop taking pictures of her with her new "do"
Happy with her new look and that the sunshine is out! 
After her haircut it was back to napping.
She thinks she's a real life baby, lol.  Love her!
Loves her daddy too
Showing off her new Halloween outfit! 
We had a very lazy Sunday last weekend :)
I love my Miley, she makes our life so happy and complete! I think I should just be a stay at home mom to her! lol, yea right! Jon would not be okay with that!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Easy cheesy chicken & rice bake

Since Jon and I are finally settling into our new life, I wanted to get back into the kitchen and try out new recipes ASAP.  I've tried out 2 new pinterest recipes and they both turned out great! Ill start off with this yummy and easy "Cheesy chicken & rice bake"

These are the things that you will need:
2 whole Boneless, Skinless Chicken Breasts (not pictured, but I used Trader Joe's chicken breast)
4 cups Cooked Brown Rice - I went with the easy "boil in bag" rice " :)
¾ cups Frozen Corn
15 ounces, Can of Black Beans, Drained And Rinsed
1 cup Sour Cream - the web site suggest using Plain Greek Yogurt , but I like sour cream :)
4 ounces, Can of Green Chilis
½ cup Salsa
1 cup Low-fat Cheddar Cheese, Plus More For Topping
2 Tablespoons Fresh Cilantro For Garnish -  I bought it but forgot to use it, it was still great without the cilantro
To get started, I cooked the chicken breast, then shredded it into small bit size pieces.

Preheat your oven at 350
In a large bowl, mix together all of the ingredients, except for the cilantro.  

1st lightly sprayed my oven safe pan to prevent the food from sticking.  Once everything was nicely mixed together, I transferred my mix into my pan & sprinkled some more cheese on top. 

Bake for about 20-25 mins and your done!

The final product.  I of course didn't take a picture of the food on my plate, but it was yummy!!!
I served it with warm tortillas and that was our dinner!!  Jon loved it so much, we had it for dinner again the next day, but instead of tortillas, we had tortilla chips and that was even better! 

I highly recommend this dinner.  It really easy, healthy and delicious! 

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Settling into our new life

After Jon and I were homeless for 4 days, we finally got to move into our new place.  Of course, we didn't have much to move in BUT we were just happy to finally have a place to live!

This is what our life looked like for 4 days.
My fancy desk set up! 
We came prepared with our air mattress & bedding!
Our fancy living room living..... I think Miley looks so cute here! 
Poor Miley got sick from all of the stress of moving.  It broke my heart seeing my baby not feeling well.  Good thing she's back to her cute ol self again!
We fancy! lol
We got our place on Tuesday and our things arrived Saturday morning.  So we spent our Saturday morning & afternoon like this!
Spying from our balcony.  So glad that we had movers, I DID NOT want to move our things up 3 flights of stairs! 
Jon supervising! 
Miley and I also had our turn supervising! Our moving binder was SO helpful! I still plan on writing a post all about the moving binder!
Just a small part of all of boxes! Its hard moving from a townhouse to a tiny apartment!
I was SO happy when the truck was finally empty! 
Since we had worked all day moving in, instead of getting started on the unpacking, Jon and I decided to check out the pool :)

Jon and I found the best place to live! Everything we need is in walking distance, the grocery store, target, the mall and great places to eat, like this place!

And this place!....
But Jon and I have been good and been eating healthy, well trying to.... We've only gone to these places once.

We are still settling into our place.  We still have boxes around our place that we need to take to our storage unit, but we are getting there.  The hardest part is not having enough room for all of our things and having to keep half of our things in a storage unit, until we find a bigger place to live.  But we can make it work and we are happy to be finally living in California! Jon and I still haven't gone to the beach or checked out any of the awesome things around us, BUT we will be heading to the beach this weekend and I cannot wait! YAY!

Now its time for me to find a job!!!! I've been searching and doing everything that I can, but haven't had any luck yet!  Im really hoping that I find something great ASAP!!!!!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

The 4 days we were homeless.....

Our 1st 4 days in San Jose, Jon & I were homeless and living in a hotel.  It really was pretty nerve wrenching, thinking about the fact that we packed up our lives and moved about 850 miles to California.  Of course, when we 1st planned our move, we DID have a place to live! You can read about all of that excitement here and here.

It was pretty hard living in a hotel, especially without Miley, and also just living off of faith that everything would work out and that we would find a place to live.  I felt so lost and out of it those 4 days.  I was homesick, and didn't have my baby with me to make me smile, talking about Miley, not Jon, lol.  I think that was the hardest thing for me, because I didn't want Miley to be sad and feel abandoned by us.

We arrived in San Jose Thursday night, and Friday morning, we began our search for a place to live.  It was a LONG day of driving around the area and looking at different apartments, it definitely was shocking hearing how much a small 2 bedroom apartment rents for around here!
Our fuel on Friday morning! It was a yummy start to our day! :)
By the Friday afternoon, we found the perfect apartment, well perfect enough.  Rent for the apartment was still insane BUT it was cute and met all of our needs.  Spoiler alert:  We ended up getting approved for the apartment Tuesday morning, so I checked out of our hotel that morning, picked Miley up and headed to our new home! Here is a sneak preview of our new living space
Cute right? :)
We spent most of our homeless time hanging out with Tom, he showed us around to the local bars and introduced us to his friends.  Something great about this area is that everyone is so friendly and welcoming, its been great!
Saturday, Jon and I decided to spend some time with Miley since she had been living with Tom.  We took her to PetCo, walked around and bought her some treats :)  Then we headed over to a park near our new apartment to enjoy the sunshine.  
My 2 loves!
As you can see, Miley enjoyed the park.  She was a very happy girl :)
The awesome park near our new apartment!
Saturday evening was the 1st Duck game of the season, so Jon search for Oregon Duck fan bars in San Jose and he found one! So we headed out  to "Rookies" and Jon was SO happy the moment we walked in! Everyone was decked out in Duck gear, the bar even has Duck game specials, where they give you discounted food and drinks if you are sporting Duck grear during the game.  Rookies is definitley going to be our go to bar during Duck season! 
Gotta sport my Hello Kitty Duck shirt! 
Monday was Labor day, and Tom had a pool party at his place with friends.

Even though Jon and I were homeless and without Miley.  We did our best to enjoy our 1st weekend as California residents, and I think we did a pretty good job! :)  We pretty much felt like we were on vacation!

More about our moving adventure to come!
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