Tuesday, January 7, 2014

She has arrived!

My little sister arrived this weekend! Yay!

Friday night Jon and I went out to dinner, and then we headed to the bar down the street from our place, we planned on only staying there for 1 drink, BUT ended staying for a little longer, because they had a live band and Jon was really enjoying the music.
Saturday was the big day my little sister arrived.  I finished getting her room put together and then we headed to the airport to pick her up :)

Im a little jealous of her room, lol, but she still has to share some of her space with  my craft supplies.

We got to the airport a little early, so Jon went inside to wait for her and take a picture of her arriving.
She didn't even notice Jon taking a picture of her, lol.  She was on the phone with my mom, my little sister is growing up, how cute! lol

Once we took her home and showed her around her new home, we went out for some lunch.
Then we headed out to Tempe to meet up with our Oregon friends and introduce her to them.

After that, we spent the rest of our night at home, watching sports.
Michelle sporting the Oregon Ducks helmet. 
Jon in his helmet watching the Eagles game. 
Sunday, we all rode our bikes to the park nearby, then Jon and Chicha played some basketball.

Our Sunday ended with some more football.  Go Niners!

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Friday, January 3, 2014

Life updates!

I'm back!!!   I know I’ve been gone from the blog world for quite some time, but I’ve needed some time to adjust to my new life in Arizona, find a job, and just get an everyday routine down. 

Life is starting to feel back to normal, and I am very happy with our decision to move here.  Jon and I actually love it here, I do miss the beach VERY much, but other than that, Arizona is great :)  So in order to get my lil blog caught up with my life, below is a list with some life updates.

Last time I posted, I mentioned my sister being sick.  The doctors have confirmed that she does NOT have breast cancer, but she is sick.  They are still not sure what is going on with her, she has had about 4 different surgeries, but she is out of the hospital and back home.

I also mentioned on my last post that I had quit my job, which was a great decision.  I now have a new job that is much better.  I no longer have a fancy HR title or work in HR.  But my new job is great, and its only 2miles from our place, which is a HUGE plus! My new work environment is much better and everyone I work with is really nice.  A few weeks ago, we had our holiday party at my bosses’ house and it was a blast.  We had an ugly sweater party, and the person with the ugliest sweater won a gift card.  Jon and I didn’t win, but Jon had a great time meeting everyone.  He even made new friends J

Jon’s parents flew out to see us in November,  and we had a great time exploring Phoenix together.  We spent 2 day exploring the Grand Canyon, which was awesome.  Jon and I had never been there, and it was so beautiful.  Jon and I want to plan a special weekend getaway out there and explore some more sometime in the future.   One night I made a yummy homemade enchilada dinner for all of us, and another night, we went to Rustlers Roost for dinner, and that place was a blast! They have a slide to go down on to get down into the restaurant (They also have steps that lead down to the restaurant, BUT the slide is much more fun!) and the place is on a hill, so it has the most amazing view of Phoenix.  Then after dinner, they bring you cotton candy for dessert.  How cool is that? J

Jon’s friend Rob also came to visit for a weekend.  They had fun doing their boy things like watching sports and shooting guns.  This is Jon’s new favorite hobby…

We have made some new friends out here.  For Duck games, we would head into Scottsdale, where the Duck bar is.  So we met 2 different couples, and have hung out with them since, yay to new friends

In November, we headed to Tuscan, with a bus full of duck fans to watch the ducks play….. It was a fun time, BUT we lost the game, which wasn’t so much fun.  But it was a fun experience, and we got to hang out with a bunch of Duck fans, which is what matters in the end.

Jon and I had another successful thanksgiving this year; even though I did mess up on my mashed potatoes… you wonder how could anyone mess THAT up?? You can! Lol.  They were still good, just a little runny!

We had a very quiet Christmas this year, we had a great time just relaxing and spending time together.

My little sister will be making a big move tomorrow.  She is coming down and living with us! I am so excited for this! I will have someone to keep me company when Jon is away, no more scary sleepless nights.  I'm excited for my lil sister and this next adventure she is about to embark on.

My new year’s resolution is to get back to blogging.  I miss it, and I love being able to document all of the life adventure that Jon and I go on J

Hope everyone had a wonderful new years eve! Cheers to 2014!!!

Also, feel free to follow me on instagram, wendyburns, where you can always find me posting pictures of our life away! J J

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