Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Becoming a cooking PRO

I made turkey taquitos for dinner tonight, using out leftover Turkey from Thanksgiving.  I gotta say that I'm getting SO much better at cooking now! I love to cook and i have fun with it.  I really like coming home from work and making a yummy meal for my hard working husband.  There are days when i don't want to cook but most of the time I do and i enjoy it very much!

Cooking onions, garlic and a jalapeno
The cooked vegie mix with shredded turkey, tomatoes and cheese!
All ready to be cooked - I made them the healthy way instead of fying them in oil.

And my prouder moment! My homemade refried beans!!!! YAY!!!  Yesterday, i boiled beans so that they would be ready for today.  The thing with my cooking beans, im still learning how to do this.  The 1st time i tried to make them, they had no flavor AT ALL and they we gross! So yesterday, while talking with my mom, she sudggested that i try again.  She walked me through all the steps again and gave me some helpful tips, so last night, when i got home, I put a pot of beans on the stove to boil and they turned out perfect! Im so glad that i tried again :)  So today, all i had to do was refry them! So good!
The final product.  Jon L.O.V.E.D the taquitos and the beans! YAY me!

I found this on pinterest today and it made me smile.  I sent it to Stacey because it reminded me of us. We have had our ups and downs, but we are still friends and i am soo thankful for that!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Happy meal with no hello kitty???!!!!

So on my lunch today I went to McDonald's, I was just going to get my usual, 4pc chicken nuggets and fries BUT I noticed that they now had Hello Kitty happy meals toys, so of course i went with that instead! I was so excited to see my new cute Hello Kitty surprise but what do i find inside???!!! I stupid Barbie head! UGH!!! I was NOT happy, but there was nothing i could do about it because i was already driving back to work.  SOOO ANNOYING! Why would they do that??!!! So now ill have to go back and get another kids meal to get my toy.  Anyway, the kids meal box was cute and what made me happy was the SUPER cute fry holder.  It a little mini one.  I love it, so I saved it, lol. 
Wore my new skirt to work today, it was super comfy and super cute!
Torturing Miley.  My poor doggie! lol.  This is the Santa outfit we got her.  She was NOT happy with the thing on her head.  She seriously sat like this on the couch until i took it off her head.  I felt kinda bad for her, so I'm going to return it. Theres not point in keeping it of she hates it THIS much.  Maybe ill just make her a cute little Christmas TUTU?

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sunday Funday

We finally decided to leave the house today, so we headed to the Alderwood mall to walk around.  We didn't do much shopping, i was pretty shopped out from Friday, but I did get some super cute Hello Kitty sunglasses that i wanted!   Jon thinks that they make me look like a little kid, but i think that they're awesome!
After the mall, we drove through our new neighborhood, we are sooo excited to move in 2 weeks!! We also drove around the town and just looked at everything that will soon be around us.  We are going to have so many things near us, we cant wait to live there!!! There's also going to be a petsmart near us, which is a huge plus! So we stopped there to check it out.  And we found Miley a super cute new sweater, a Santa outfit for Christmas and some yummy treats.  I had to put her new sweater on her once we got home, i thought she looked so cute.

We hung out at home for a little while and then headed to Filo's for dinner, for the 2nd time this week, lol.  We decided to try something other than pizza.  Jon get a grinder, which is pretty much a sandwich, and I got baked tortellini with Alfredo and cheese, SOOO good!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Another Duck game another win!

Jon and I slept in today and got up in time to watch the Duck game, of course! lol.  Jon and I did absolutely NOTHING today, we hung out at home and relaxed ALL.DAY.LONG.  It was nice to just hang out and do nothing.  The ducks won!
Miley being a cheerleader for the ducks.  LOVE her!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday

I got early today to meet with Yekta so that we could get some back Friday shopping done.  I met her at her place and her fiance dropped us off at the mall because we didn't want to deal with parking.  We were there by like 10:30 and went to Forever 21, where i got lots of cute clothes, i also got a new purse from American eagle and a cute volcom sweater from PacSun.  Even though I didn't get as many deals, i got lots of great things.  We also had lunch at Cheesecake factory and and had some drinks.  After all the shopping, which we were done around 1:30, we took a cab back to her place and i headed home. 

Here are all of my cute finds at the mall.
I didn't get this shirt, but i thought that i was a funny shirt.
L.O.V.E me some Volcom!
Love the bow on my new purse!
The spend the rest of day relaxing, Jon hung out with Chris and they also did some more shopping today.  Later that night, Jon and i went to target to see if they had anymore specials going on, but we didn't find anything that we needed, but i did get some new shoes, skirt and a new hair dryer, which is pink and super cute! I had a great fun filled shopping day.  I got pretty spoiled today. 
Thank you husband!

Thursday, November 24, 2011


Thanksgiving was great! Jon and I had a wonderful time together :) I'm glad that we decided to stay home and have our own Thanksgiving together as a family. 
We got to sleep in today and got a slow start.  While i prepared the turkey, Jon went to QFC to get some last minute things and to get Miley some wet dog food so that she could have a special turkey dinner with us too.  She was so cute and ate all of her food before Jon and I even sat down to eat our dinner. 
Here are pictures of us through out the day!
Getting the turkey ready.  It was such a challenge to get the yucky stuff out of the inside of the turkey, but we finally managed to get the legs apart, and i made Jon stick his hands inside to pull out the gross neck.  Ugh, that's something i DO NOT enjoy about cooking a turkey.  Once he pulled the gross stuff out, i washed out the turkey and started getting it ready to go in the oven. 
1st. I put lime juice inside of the turkey along with some salt.  Then, i stuffed it was celery and onions. 
Once it was stuffed i put tinfoil in the opening to get the vegetables inside of the turkey while it cooked.
Once the turkey was on the cooking tray, i buttered the turkey up and put some seasoning all on the outside.  I think I did a pretty good job getting it ready to cook and with getting yummy flavors in the turkey.
I was "pretty" when i started working on the turkey, but Jon still snapped a picture of me.  I tried to use the tongs to get the neck out, that didn't really work lol.
My handsome husband putting the turkey in the oven
I L.O.V.E this picture! Miley looks so cute here, she was very curious about everything that was going on in the kitchen.
I took the turkey out every hour to check on it and to squirt broth on it to keep it juicy
While the turkey was cooking i made super cute turkey desserts with oreos, whoppers, and M&M's.
I love the way the turned out!
Our cute dinner table <3
Miley sat on the back of the couch and watched us eat, such a little brat.
Our family Thanksgiving picture, its not the best, but its still cute.  I love my family!
Our Y.U.M.M.Y oreo and ice-cream dessert! I'm very proud of this dessert too!
Miley had to take a post dinner nap on my lap.  LOVE her!
Jon left at about 9:00 to meet up with Chris so that they could do some black friday shopping.  So it was just Miley and I the rest of the night.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Its my FRIDAY!!!

Since tomorrow is Thanksgiving, today was my Friday.  I'm so excited to have a 4 day weekend! I wish this happened every week!  Anyway, Jon took Miley to the groomers today so that she can be pretty for Thanksgiving tomorrow.  I picked her up from the groomers on my way home, she looks so cute with her new haircut.  I love her so much!

Once Jon got home we hung out for a while and then headed to Filos for some yummy pizza, we just cant seem to get enough of this place.  The pizza is just that good! We got the Hawaiian pizza this time.  It was delicious of course!
After pizza, we got some last minute things at QFC and then headed to Chris and Ainaras to hang out, and for the boys to plan their black Friday shopping trip.  They are so funny, they are planning on sitting out in front of Best Buy until the open on midnight Thanksgiving night to get the best deals.  Lets so how that goes! 
Once we got home, we took Miley out to pee and got ready for bed, then out of no where, all of the power went out! It was really creepy! We used our phones to make out way into the kitchen to grab some candles, I don't understand why the power went out, the weather wasn't that bad tonight.
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