Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Jon and I aren't trying to have a baby at the moment, but i got a new app for my phone called the period diary.  Its actually pretty cool and i was playing with it today.  I think its pretty cool and a nice thing to have to keep track of everything.  Anyway, i noticed that on the top of the screen a banner was sliding by saying "You fertile window is active" and i thought it was funny so I had to snap a picture and send it to Jon:

Lol, I'm sure he was not expecting to get that from me today! hahaha.  But really, i cannot wait until we have a baby.  Im so excited to be a mommy and have our little family grow.  Miley has been begging to be a big sister for a while now, she's tired of being the only child.

Monday, January 30, 2012


Work was SO dead today, I seriously did nothing today.  So I decided to have some fun and make a valentines day card.  Wonder who i will give it to?!
Also, i can't leave Miley out.  I tried to get a picture of her mohawk but she wouldn't sit still for me to get it.  This is the best that i could get!

Weekend Recap

Friday night we stayed home and watched a movie. We watched "Bad Teacher", JT is my boyfriend, lol, so I love watching movies that he's in.  The movie was so funny, I loved it, and so did Jon.

Saturday was a fun filled day! I was up bright and early and headed over to Yekta's place.  We then headed to Seattle.  The original plan was to use our manicure/pedicure groupon, BUT when we got to the salon they were completely booked, so we headed downtown to find a different place.  We found Julep, it was a super cute little place and we were lucky enough to get a spot right in front of the fireplace.  I really liked this place, and since Yekta and i were sat next to each other, we were able to chat while we got our nails did!!
She did not want her picture taken, too bad Yekta!!! lol

Terrible picture of me
After our nails, we went to Betsey Johnson next door.  I love that store! I wish i could afford everything in there but unfortunately, I cannot.  I did get some super cute purple tights though.  After that, we headed to Forever 21 and did some damage! lol.  I love shopping there because everything is so cheap and cute!  After the shopping we had some lunch and then headed over to Mane blow dry bar to get our hair did.  I was super excited about this! 
I hung out with this cute little dog while i waited
I went with the "Wave to your fans" look.  The girl that did my hair was super nice, and it was fun to have someone do your hair for you.  I liked the way she did my hair, but i really hated my bangs, i didn't like them because she curled them too and i just felt like i looked funny.  But other than that, i was happy with my service :)  After our hair appointment we made a stop at H&M, and I'm so glad that we did because..... i found the cutest pink skinny jeans!!! I was SO happy to have found them and they were only $20! How awesome is that?! Anyway, after all of the shopping fun, we FINALLY got ready (in the parking garage btw, lol) we headed to dinner to meet up with our other friends. 
We went to Stika & Spruce, and I'm not going to lie, i was NOT excited about eating here.  I did not understand the menu AT ALL.  Yekta has a thing with taking me to places that take me out of my comfort zone, and this definitely did! The place was super cute and small but i was not excited to eat there! Leah, Ting, and Maite all met up with us there.  We decided to order a little bit of everything on the menu and eat family style.  Im glad that we did it that way, because it gave me a chance to try everything out and i didn't have to commit to one thing.  And i have to say, the food was SUPER yummy! I didn't think that i was going to like anything but everything was so good! I was pretty proud of myself for giving the food a try.  We spent about 3 hours there, seriously, we also got dessert, which was great too! 
Me at dinner

After dinner, we headed over to The Baltic Room,  for some drinks and dancing.  We got there pretty early, so we were able to get happy hour drinks, which is always awesome! And since we were so early, we also managed to find a place to sit and chat.  
Leah, me, Yekta, & Ting
And again :)
It was a really fun day & night with the girls, I'm really glad that we did that!

I got to bust out my new pink skinny jeans! I was so excited to wear them! The 1st thing Jon said to me was that they were so bright, i didn't think that they were! lol. 
Love them!!!
Sunday was pretty low key, Jon and I just went to Target and to Tony's for lunch.  On the way home we stopped at baskin robbins for ice cream, and on the way home we noticed this:
Lol, can you tell pink is my favorite color?! 

Friday, January 27, 2012

What a week!


I am so happy that its Friday! I feel like this week just dragged on FOR.EVER.! It doesn't help that my job is extremely boring and I don't have anything to do most of the time that I'm there.  I'm just excited to go home and RELAX tonight and spend some time with Jon and Miley.  We don't have any plans tonight, maybe we'll be wild and crazy and go to target or something, lol. 
Tomorrow on the other hand i have a fun filled day planned! I'm having a total girls day with Yetka, and i cannot wait! We will be heading to Seattle for mani & pedi's and also to Mane Blow Dry Bar.  I am SO excited for this! We also have some shopping planned and then dinner and drinks with some other friends.  I am so ready for some girl time!

Last night Chris and Ainara came over to hang out.  Ainara and I just hung out and drank some wine while the boys hung out in the man cave doing boy things, lol.  Ainara and I are going to start going crafts days, and i am so excited for this! I love that we live so close to each and can now do things like this.  Since we usually hang out at least once during the week, we are going to do crafts during that time.  We are gonna try and hit up the craft store on Sunday to stock up on some supplies.  I really want to make a valentines day wreath to hang on the door, and MAYBE keep up all year round :)  I have a few wreaths that i have pinned on pinterest that i would really like to make.

Oh, and that awesome picture above?  Thats me being me when I was about 6.  I dont know how my mom dealt with me sometimes! lol

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Anniversary date recap

Tuesday Jon and I celebrated our 6 month wedding anniversary, and we had a great time.  We went out to dinner at the Purple Cafe in Kirkland.  It was such a nice dinner :) Jon did a good job picking this place out.  The only thing that i didn't like about the place was that they don't have any booths, so all the tables are just out in the middle of the place, i was wanting it to be more romantical.  The dinner and wine was so good tho, thats what really sold me on the place was the dinner and wine, so yummy!!! I definitely want to go back there sometime!  After dinner we came back home and watched Burlesque.  I also busted out my new leopard print boots, i was a little nervous to wear them because they are pretty tall but they weren't hard to walk in at all.  We had a great time together.  I love being married to Jon, he is so sweet!

My boots!!!

Not the best picture of me AT ALL, but here we are at dinner celebrating :)

The yummy dessert!!!

I think he looks cute here, even though the flash was BLINDING him 

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

6 months and counting

Today Jon and I are celebrating 6 months of marriage.  Yay! It has been a wonderful 6 months.  I love my Jonathan Burns, and I am so lucky i get to be married to such a wonderful man!
The day he proposed 

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Double date

Today was the 1st day we got out of the house in a car, YAY!!! I was seriously going craaazzyy!!! After Jon got home from the gym, we went out to lunch at Red Robin and shared a yummy salad, and then we ran some errands.  I was just so happy to be out in the world! lol.   We also had a double date night with Chris and Ainara, we went out to dinner at Pen Thai, which we are all big fans of :) And then we went to the movies, the boys wanted to watch Sherlock Holmes, which was alright.  Im not a big fan of going to the movies, and i wasn't very excited about watching the movie BUT it was a good movie to watch and it had some pretty funny parts.  All in all, we had a nice and relaxing saturday night :)

Friday, January 20, 2012

The snow is mmeelllttiinnggg...

Guess what i did today??!!! Stayed home from work of course! lol.  School had a delayed start today but our neighborhood was still pretty bad, so Jon and I both stayed home.  We had a pretty quite and relaxing day.  Its not like we could go anywhere! lol.  We did order chinese food for dinner tonight because the snow on the roads stated to melt a little.  It was nice to have some take out instead of our boring food that we are left with in the kitchen.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Snowy walks

Once again, i stayed home from work because of the snow! Well actually, today its freezing rain, which is making a big mess on the roads.  Jon headed into work, but my school was closed, thank goodness.  This is what i woke up to this morning.

I just hung out at home and cleaned & organized our place and gave Miley a bath, which she is not a fan of.  I also cleaned Miley's room.  I love her space, its so cute and she loves it too.  Every night before we head upstairs for bed, i tell Miley "go to your room" and she jumps off the couch and heads into her room, its so cute!

She saw me taking pictures of her room so she decided to pose in her room for me :)
This is her serious pose, lol.
 After her bath, this is what she wanted to do.  How can i say no to her??

Im kinda getting to the point where I'm ready to go back to work, but it has been nice to relax and spend my day with Miley.  she's going to be so sad when i head back to work next week :(  my poor baby.  I decided to make some homemade hot chocolate, with some fancy hot chocolate that i was given for Christmas from a coworker.  Im not a chocolate lover so i added some white chocolate and lots of marshmallows to take some of the strong chocolate taste it had.  It turned our pretty good.

After Jon got home, Chris & Ainara called us, they were walking to the bar and wanted us to join them.  Jon wasn't feeling up for it at 1st but then we decided to join them.  I decided to take a glass of wine with me for the long walk ahead.
We have our plastic cups in the garage so i poured myself a fancy glass of wine there, lol 
Ready to hit the road! 
It was lightly snowing when we started our walk
We met up with Chris and Ainara at Sluggers, had some dinner and drinks

Their friends decided to buy a round of tequila shots...... Oh man!  
 After sluggers, we headed over to Tonys for some more drinks.
Um, more shots? Washington apples this time.
Our men :) 
 After all of that, we picked some wine up at Safeway and then all of us walked back to our place.  It was a really fun night, I'm glad that we live near friends and can go on adventures like tonight :)
Fun in the Tonys parking lot
We finally made it home! Posing outside with our wine, cuz we're cool like that :)

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

What a day!

So this is day 2 of our snow day, and it has been quite a day!  Finally, around 2, i was sick of hanging out at home, that Jon and I decided to venture outside and head to the store for some food as we were running low since we've been stuck in the house since sunday morning.  The walk this time around was not as fun as our walk on Sunday was.  It a lot colder outside and the walk pretty much sucked, BUT we made it to the store and headed straight to Starbucks and got a hot carmel apple spice to warm up.  We just got a few things to hold us over.  Im going to attempt to make homemade onion rings & some parmesan fries tomorrow.  Tonight decided to have some fun in the kitchen and make a homemade pizza.  It was fun working together making our pizza, and i gotta say, it turned out so good! We didn't make the dough or anything but it was still homemade! lol.  We made it with lots of cheese, pepperoni and green peppers.  This is definitely something that well be making again.  Here is the run down of our fun snow day.....
Jon on the phone with his boss, letting him know that he's snowed in....and already enjoying the perks with his drink in hand

Our morning view

more of our view

Happy to be snowed in with his wife :)

Instagram pic
View on our walk back home
My lovie 
Trees on our walk home
Trees on our walk home
Cozy by the fire
The beginning of our pizza making 
Adding the cheese, excuse my looks, I've been snowed in for a few days.... lol
Chopping the green peppers like a pro! 

More cheese
Ready to go into the oven
Our final product! Yummy!! And it baked so quickly!

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