Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The Burnside Adventures Continues......

I have to take a moment and just say how truly proud I am of my husband.  He is such an amazing hard worker and truly puts his heart into his work.  And all of his hard work is starting to pay off! :)

Lets go back to the beginning of this new adventure.... well, we didn't realize that it would become an adventure until now, lol. 

I turned 30 back in June, and we had friends from Oregon fly down to celebrate with us.  On Sunday afternoon, after we had dropped our friends off at the airport, Jon and I were talking about life and what would come next.  Jon mentioned how something needed to change, either with his job or our living situation and our finances.  We didn't really talk much about it after that. 

That Monday, I was in a meeting all morning, and came back to my office to an email, missed call AND text from Jon, all with the same message asking me to call him ASAP.  I did not know what to think! So I call him, and the 1st thing he says to me is "Our world just got turned upside down", a statement like that sounds like BAD news is coming next, so I totally had a mini heart attack and asked him what was going on.  He then proceeds to tell me that he is being considered for a promotion, which will relocate us to Arizona! They wanted to know if he was interested in the position before setting up an interview, since we would have to move AGAIN, we still haven't even lived in California for a year.... So we talked about the opportunity and I told him to go for it, and that I supported him in whatever he wanted to do. 

So the next day he did a phone interview with his potentially new manager.  That was July 2nd and then we waited.... and waited..... and waited!!!! Seriously, we spent the next weeks, just waiting for the call.  He had already heard that he had gotten the job, but he hadn't received his new offer letter yet, and that's what we were waiting on before we let ourselves celebrate or get too excited about the move.  Then on Tuesday, the 18th, Jon came home with his offer letter! And it became official that Jon and I will be moving to Phoenix, Arizona at the end of August!

My cute husband with his offer letter for his NEW position! YAY Mr. Burns!!!!
Jon has been his with company for 5 years now.  He started working with this company a few months after we started dating. They have been so great to him.  He started off as a sales guy in Oregon in 2008, then in 2011 he was promoted to manage an office in Seattle, Washington.  Then last year, he didn't get a promotion, but was offered a manager position here in San Jose, CA.  And now, he will be leaving all of that behind, and moving into a whole new position as a trainer!  Which is such a perfect job for him.  Jon is a great people person and is great at what he does, and now he will be training new sales people to be as great as he is! :)

The one thing that makes me a little sad about his new position is that he will be traveling a lot, which means I will be spending a lot more time on my own, which will be a big adjustment, because Jon and I are ALWAYS together.  Moving around so much has made it hard for me to make friends, so Jon is pretty much my only friend, besides all of my awesome best friends in Oregon, and now he'll be leaving me too.  SO I'm gonna have to be a big girl and put myself out there and find some friends of my own, which will be hard, because I'm so socially awkward! lol  But that also means, ill have more time for my blog, reading and crafts! Yay!

Jon and I are jumping on a plane tomorrow night and heading to Arizona to find a place to live! Hopefully we don't have a repeat of what happened to us when we moved here! Check out THAT adventure here & here!

We are hoping to find a cute lil house to rent with a pool in the backyard! Im already dreaming of hanging out in my new backyard with my toes in the pool! Fingers crossed that everything works out for us on this move and that we find the perfect lil home!

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

A very Burns Weekend

Jon and I had a pretty fun and low key weekend.  Since our anniversary was on Wednesday, we continued the anniversary celebrations throughout the weekend!

Friday night, we didn't do much.  We went out to dinner at Cheesecake factory and then spent the rest of our night hanging out at home.  We did purchase our plane tickets for our trip back to Oregon next month for our good friends wedding, which is always exciting! I cant wait to be back in Oregon with our family and friends!

I love my lil family!
Saturday, we decided to head to Napa! I've been wanting to go there since we moved out here but have never had the chance.  And since we only have a month left living in California, we decided to finally make the trip and plus, a anniversary weekend isn't complete without some wine tasting!

Our day didn't really go as planned.  We actually didn't have a plan for the day.  We just figured we could show up to a vineyard and do some wine tasting.... nope! Pretty much all of the places require a reservation, so that was pretty sad :(  But we headed into downtown Napa and they had a bunch of lil wine shops, so we could still enjoy some wine! Yay!
Wine tasting at Ceja Vineyards!
After wine tasting, we walked around downtown and then found a cute outdoor place for some lunch.  We weren't super hungry, so we decided to share an appetizer and the food was SO good! Jon and I spent the rest of the weekend talking about how great lunch was!
Our appetizer and our drinks.  I prefer champagne over wine (but I love both!) I just love the bubble in champagne!
Sunday, I told Jon we could do something fun for him, so it was either heading to Great America or golfing.  So we ending up hitting up the driving range.  We planned on warming up at the driving range and then playing a short game, I think he called it Par 3?, FYI, I don't play golf and don't know much about it... But Jon was a good coach and I did pretty well.  I was pretty proud of myself for hitting the golf balls so well and so far out! :) Now Jon wants us to take some golf lessons together, which I think would be fun! So I'm sure once we move, we will look into taking some lessons!
Do I look like I know what Im doing? I actually felt pretty silly at first, especially with so many people around, I felt like they were all making fun of me, lol.  But I had a ton of fun!
Mr. Burns showing me how to do it right :)
I really enjoyed the driving range, and will definitely go again.  This can be an activity that Jon and I can do together, we shall see! As we were leaving the driving range, we saw this!
How awesome is this??? they were just hanging out, crossing the street.  I loved it!
And since it was Sunday, and we weren't ready for the weekend to end, Jon made us some margaritas and we hung out on the porch, enjoying the sunshine!

Our margarita glasses are all packed away, so we used wine glasses for our drinks :)

Thursday night, Jon and I head to Arizona to find a new home! Hopefully we find one with a pool!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

2 years of marriage

Today Jon and I celebrate our 2nd year wedding anniversary.  YAY for 2 years!!!!  Jon did an amazing job surprising me last year, which you should read about HERE.

Jon has made dinner reservations for us, but I'm not sure where we are going, because I asked him to surprise me, because I love surprises! :)

This year for our 2nd year anniversary, I've decided to do a lil recap of our honeymoon, which I wish we could go back to every year! Maybe someday ;)

For our honeymoon, Jon and I headed to Playa Del Carmen and stayed at the Royal resort.  We had such a great time!

Here is little run down! (or maybe long because it's full of pictures!)
Mr. Burns & I when we 1st arrived in Mexico, ready to enjoy our honeymoon!
Dinner at a sushi themed restaurant
After dinner, we decided to check out their downtown area.  Our resort was just a few steps away, and I wanted Jon to experience the Mexican culture.  We found this super cute bar, and had to stop in for a drink because their table settings were just too cute and I wanted to sit at the pink table! :)
Our resort had a 24 hour buffet stocked with food & drinks, so this was always our last stop before heading back to our room.
Jon and I also got to enjoy some relaxing massages!  They were so wonderful and such a great start to a very relaxing honeymoon!
We found an awesome restaurant with some delicious tacos! (We pretty much ate there everyday!) 
Jon & I still talk about how awesome these tacos were! We will make sure to head back here when we go back to Mexico.
That night Jon and I checked out the italian restaurant at the resort, we sat outside and were joined by this lil guy...
Of course we spent some time at the beach, so wonderful! 
Such an awesome Mexico drink! :)
Enjoying the steak house, which was our favorite resort restaurant!
One of my favorite parts of our honeymoon was when we went on a full day adventure.  We went zip-linning, repelling, snorkeling and then we also went and check out Tulum! The great thing about these adventures, is that there were photographers there to capture everything for us.  So I was very happy that we got to go home and a CD full of picutres :)

Mr. Burns hanging out in the trees!
Flying Wendy!!!!

I was a little worried about this.  We were in a cave with bats! And I have a fear of water and sticking my head in the water, but I did it and survived.  Im really glad that I did it too!
The beaches at Tulum were so pretty and the water was so clear and warm, we loved it! 
We also saw lots of these lil guys hanging out enjoying the sun
Jon also got to go back to our hotel with this scary souvenir!  This one now lives in his room :)
Oh and we also spent lots of time by the pool and even finished the book I brought with me and started a 2nd, aagghh bliss! :)
On another day, we felt adventurous again and decided to go parasailing, which was amazing! Such a fun & amazing experience! I loved flying up in the air with Jon watching everything below.  
One night, we decided to go out and check out "Coco Bongo" such a fun time! We didn't get back to our room until 3am.  But it was SO worth it! Something else I would love to do again with my lovie! 
The Burns at our last dinner before heading back to reality.  We got treated to a fancy 8 course meal, and I even had seafood and enjoyed it! This was also one of the last pictures I was able to take, because I was super smart and forgot our camera charger back at home :( But we were able to make the battery last our entire honeymoon!
Jon and I have had such an jam packed year! We celebrated our 1st year anniversary in Seattle, then packed up our lives and moved to California, and guess what??!!! Its happening all over again! At the end of August Jon and I will be packing up and moving to a whole new state, don't worry, Ill have a full blog post on whats next for us!   Crazy how life works, but I am so happy to be experiencing all of this with  my very best friend! 

I love you forever Mr. Burns.  You truly make my heart happy and make me feel like a true princess!

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Friday, July 5, 2013

Our Sunday Adventure!

Jon and I had such a fun filled weekend this past Sunday.  It was so much fun, so much fun that I was asleep and in bed by 7:00pm Monday night.  I cant party like i did in my 20's! lol, grandma needed her sleep!

Anyway, our friend Tobias works for Miller Coors and is a rep for them, so he gets lots of perks, and he's awesome enough to share them with us, because we are his favorite! lol.

Anyway, Sunday he had tickets not only for an MMA fight, but also to the Rob Zombie concert.  We weren't sure if we would be able to go to both events, but we made it work and it was SO worth it!

We started off with some MMA fights, which was really fun.  Im not really into all of that fighting, but being there watching all of the action live was a lot of fun and I totally got into it.

Mr. Burns looking tough
We were VERY close to all of the action!

Tobias got to meet a famous fighter.  I obviously have no idea who he is, but Tobias was pretty excited about this :)
After the fights, we hit to road to the Shoreline amphitheater for the concert.  We also had VIP tickets for the concert, so we got free food and got to enjoy the concert in the safety of our box seats.  Rock concerts are NOT my thing, but Jon is very much into rock and was very excited about the concert.  I just had fun in the sunshine, enjoying some drinks and spending time with friends! :)

Hanging out in the field before we got to our seats. 

This is the life! We even had our own waitress!
Trying to be rocker with my cool outfit :) I think I did pretty well! 
Excited for the show to start and get his rock on!
The set up for one of the first acts, they were fun! And the dragon blew smoke out of its nose
The concert gang! Jose (the guy next to me) is Tobias's coworker and is so much fun! We always have a great time together :) And the other 2 in black are Jose's friends, which were awesome too! 
We didnt make it home until about midnight and I had a big day Monday morning, so getting up and getting to work on time was a struggle! But I did it and survived the day.  Losing sleep over having a fun time with friends is always worth it! :)

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