Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Lunch date

Jon came and had lunch with me at work today.  I have been telling him how good their sandwiches are and hes been wanting to try them.  So today was his lucky day! lol.  They had ran out of sprouts (which are Jon's favorite) and also turkey BUT we still had a delicious ham sandwich.  This is one good thing about working at this school, they have very healthy and organic foods that are so yummy!
My sandwich is the ciabatta one his is the plain wheat one, lol

Monday, May 28, 2012

Headed home

We headed home today after spending the weekend in Bremerton with Ainara's parents.  We had such a great weekend! Being at their house makes you feel like you are far away from everything and on a great vacation.  Good thing the drive in only an hour and a half! We said goodbye around noon and headed home.  It was such an easy and quick drive, we were worried that we would get stuck in traffic in Tacoma but thankfully we didn't. 
View from the bridge, heading home!
After we dropped Chris & Ainara off at their house we spent the rest of our afternoon napping and relaxing.  There was a lot of this going on:
Miley was so tired from all of the fun she had too!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Day 2 in Bremerton!

Woke up pretty early this morning and saw sea lions! I was pretty excited to see them out in the water hanging out on a dock. They were huge!
Zoomed in picture.  I was standing on the back deck.
Without any zooming
Miley and I enjoyed a quiet morning in the backyard. 
Shes loving the freedom of not having to be on a leash
After breakfast, the 4 of us headed out to check out a nearby Viking town, Poulsbo.  We had a fun time walking around and checking out the little shops. 
Chris wearing my cool hello kitty glasses.  Crazy boys!
This place looked so good!
I wish we would of gone inside for a treat but they looked pretty busy.
We also had lunch at a fish house while in Poulsbo.  We then went to Big 5 for fishing poles and gear!
Then we head back "home" to gear up to go fishing.  Jon and I had some issues getting out poles ready, so Chris helped us out.  I was really excited about my fishing pole because its pink and it lights up!  Of course i couldn't take my phone with me to go fishing, so i snapped a few before we heading out.
Ainara's dad was nice enough to let us take his boat out.
The 4 of us and Barkley ready for our fishing adventure!
Waving goodbye!

We didn't have any luck with the fish, but we had a lot of fun out there in the water.  We even saw a sea otter! He was about 15 feet away from us, and he was poking his head out of the water and looking at us, it was so cool! It was a little scary at times because i thought that we were going to tip over, thank goodness we didn't! When we got back, Ed (Ainara's dad) was already getting the oysters ready for the boys.  They loved them so much they asking for more today. 
They also decided to cook some up in butter and breadcrumbs

SO..... I decided to give the cooked oysters a try.  As you will see in the pictures below, i was very hesitant to eat one, but i did it! And even though i look disgusted in the pictures, they weren't as bad as i thought.  The butter definitely  helped with making them taste better!

hahaha my face here cracks me up
Ainara's parents made us such a good dinner tonight! We had flank stake with potatoes and veggies!
My wide selection of drinks for dinner. lol
After dinner, we spent some time out in the hot tub, and then hung out in the "party house" We had a fun time in there.  We found some old Cd's and danced to the "Macarena", the boys even decided to join us and did the dance with us! It was such a fun night!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Headed to Bremerton!

We hit the road to Bremerton this morning!
 Jon and I stayed over at Chris & Ainara's last night, so we could all get a quick start on our trip this morning.  As you can see below Miley was very excited about our weekend adventure!
The car is all packed, now lets get a move on it!
We decided to the take the ferry over to Bremerton instead of driving.  We got to the ferry dock at noon and were stuck in Memorial day traffic.  It wasn't as bad as we expected it to be, but we did have to wait an hour in the car until we made it to the ferry loading dock. 
What a great time to take group pictures?! 
Me, Chris, Barkley, Ainara & Jon.  Miley was too short to be in the picture but she is sitting on my lap
Miley posing and showing me her "good" side
The Burns Family!
We finally made it to the ferry loading dock, but still had to wait another 30 mins for the ferry, so we decided to get out the car and let the dogs stretch their legs.

Our car is the white car on the left. Which meant we got on the ferry and off of the ferry very quickly!

Our view from the car once we loaded onto the ferry, soooo beautiful!
Once we were all loaded onto the ferry, we got the dogs out of the car and headed upstairs to the "poop deck" It was such a beautiful sunny day.  Barkley and Miley were very happy dogs enjoying the weather and meeting new friends.

Ferry views
More ferry views
and 1 more :)
Miley was very happy to be exploring new places.

enjoying the views with my baby (husband took these pictures without me knowing)
I love my doggie so much!
The ferry ride was quick and easy, we were also  lucky enough to spot a whale in the water! It was so cool! But it was so quick as soon as you saw the whale it was gone.  Still such an amazing thing to see! Once we were off the ferry we drove another 30 mins to Ainara's parents house where we are staying for the weekend.  I love where her parents live! They live right off the Puget sound and THIS is their backyard!
Seriously so beautiful!
Another view from the backyard.
Miley exploring
We took the dogs down to the water and they had fun exploring, there was also another dog down there and Barkley really wanted to play with him, the dog wasn't really in the mood though.

I thought this was a cute picture
After we unpacked the car and spent some time visiting with Ainara's parents, the boys left to go golf.  Ainara and I decided to go out for a drink and she also showed me around town.  She brought me to a really pretty viewpoint, of course I don't remember the name of the place, but it was so breath taking! I had to get out of the car and snap a few pictures.  The pictures I took don't really do the view any justice!

We then headed back to Ainara's parents house to prepare for dinner. We had chicken fajitas and they were so good!
Ainara's dad also has an oyster farm so he collected a few for us to try.  I of course did not try them BUT I did watch him prepare them for everyone else to enjoy.  He had a pretty good system on how to get them opened.

Group shot.  This was Jon, Chris and Ainara's 1st time trying them.  Chris and Jon ended up eating more because they actually liked them.  They tried to get me to try them but i just couldn't.  They looked to freaky to eat!
After the oysters, we all sat down for dinner.
I love their kitchen table and the plates we used for dinner tonight.
My fajita!
After dinner we all sat around the fire, relaxed and enjoyed each others company.
Miley was cozy on our laps.

She feel asleep in my arms like this, so cute!
After sitting around the fire for a while, Ainara's parents went to bed and we went outside and hung out in the hot tub.  It was so pretty sitting outside in the hot tub looking out into the water!
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