Monday, December 17, 2012

A very Burns Christmas

Jon and I got our home decorated and ready for Christmas a few days after Thanksgiving.  Our place looks so cute and cozy now with all of the happy Christmas decorations, I love it. Ill let the pictures do the talking :)
Getting our tree ready

ooohhhh nnnooo!
The princess enjoying a treat in front of the tree
Checking out the tree from the couch
My 2 loves

Playing with my lil princess.  She makes my heart happy!
Christmas crafts!

The Burns Christmas 2012

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Courtney's California visit!

Sorry I've been MIA this past week, now that I have a full time job that keeps me busy, its been an adjustment for me!

Courtney spent a weekend with us last weekend and we had so much fun!! So please be ready for picture overload!

Courtney arrived Friday afternoon, and the fun began!
We started our day with dinner at BJ's
After dinner, Courtney and I were excited to be home with drinks, lol
We played some jenga! 
My princess and I!
My lovie and I
 After hanging out at home, we decided to head out to downtown San Jose.  We met some new friends and one of them suggested doing some "boat races" We seriously had NO idea what we were getting into!
All of those glasses are getting prepped for boat race!
Then this guy came, tipped the glasses over and they poured out into the shot glasses, this takes talent! 
Once the shots are poured, you start with the green and work your way to the red, and its a race to see who finishes 1st.  I did NOT win, lol
The boat races crew..
Saturday, we decided to hit the road to Monterey.  The day wasn't as nice as we had hoped for, but it was still a dry day with hints of sunshine :)
Having fun with my new camera in the car :)
I love all of the boats!
Mr. & Mrs. 
Mrs. Courtney & I
Lunch on the pier 
This picture cracks me up :)
Sailors Wendy & Courtney!
We walked around the pier, had lunch, checked out all of the shops, we then decided to stop into a wine shop to relax and do some wine tasting :)
The 3 amigos
 After spending our day in Monterey, we headed home, stop at a taqueria to give Courtney a taste of good authentic Mexican food, and it was a total hit! :)
Saturday night we hit up downtown Campbell
Sunday we spent our afternoon exploring Santana Row and then we had a wine and cheese party at home.
Santana Row was totally decked out for Christmas, so we had a fun time taking pictures
We found a super cute wine shop, SO we did a little wine tasting :)
We then relaxed the rest of the evening at home with some wine and cheese!
Our fancy assortment!
It was a nice way to end our weekend of fun!
Courtney headed home Monday morning.  We had such a great time with her, I'm so glad that she came out to visit us.  Jon and I spent the entire weekend trying to convince Courtney to move to San Jose too! lol.  

Jon and I have a fun filled next 2 months ahead of us.  My mom and nephew are coming to visit for a week during Christmas.  Our good friends Lauren & Jesse are coming to visit next month.  Last but not least, Jon and I are heading to Palm Springs at the end of January for 5 whole days with our other close friends Janet and Phil.  So excited! I love our California life! 

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