Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Memorial Day Weekend!

I'm back at work tired but with a smile on my face :)  I had such a wonderful Memorial Day weekend with my love.  

My little sister was out of town this weekend, so it was just Jon and I, and we got so much done around the house.

First of all, I was a very happy girl, when I came home for lunch on Friday and Jon was already home from his trip, yay! It was nice to have lunch together.   Unfortunately, I had to head back to work, but fortunately, I have an awesome boss, and he let me head home early!
I made Jon a welcome home note, and taped it on the front door :)
When I got home from work, Jon and I headed to Ace Hardware to buy more paint for my dressing room, 1 gallon of paint just wasn’t enough for the entire room.  After that, we decided to hit up a new bar for some happy hour and drinks.   I just love spending time with Jon, we always have so much fun together just sitting together and talking, especially when he’s been gone for an entire week.  We spent the rest of the evening hanging out at home.

My happy man
Saturday morning, we hit the gym 1st thing in the morning then spent the rest of the day checking out stuff for the house.  Jon ended up getting a basketball hoop for the pool, which he has been wanting and I’m sure it’ll get a lot of use this summer!  We are still in search for a patio set, the one we have right now it just for 2 people and it’s TINY, we also need pool chairs.  Our backyard will eventually be a perfect little getaway.  After all of the running around, we rode our bikes to the park and we played some basketball, kind of, we just shot the ball around, but it was a good time :)  
Sunday, we finished painting my room, YAY!!! Then we spent most of the day outside at the pool, and Jon got to finally use the new basketball hoop, not only is it fun, but he also gets a great work out, win win!  
Monday we continued to work on the house.  We finished putting my room together, for now, which I LOVE! Ill post pics on my room soon :) We rearranged our living room, the way we had it set up originally just wasn’t working out, and I love the way it looks now :) I organized our kitchen, Jon did some yard work, we BBQ’ed for lunch and dinner, AND we spent some time in the pool.
My PINK dressing room!
Miley had to be a part of the action too of course, shes my little sidekick
The hubs setting up my vanity
After all of our hard work, we treated ourselves to some slurpees in fun mason jar & straws
Jon BBQ'ed dinner and I made us homeade mac & cheese and some veggies!
Jon LOVES jamaica, which is a Mexican hibiscus drink. 
My mom tough me how to make it when she was in town, so I made some last night for Jon and it turned out so yummy! I'm very proud of myself :)
I love our house and it just makes me so happy that this is OUR house; we have worked so hard and have sacrificed so much.  I feel so blessed and lucky to be married to such an amazing man.

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Monday, May 19, 2014

Goodbyes & Pool parties!!!

I'm sad that it’s Monday, that my mom is back in Oregon, and that my lovie had to leave at 3:00am this morning to catch his flight to Alabama, which will be his home for the next week.  I always have such a hard time having him gone; I’m still adjusting to this new life.  I'm so thankful that my little sister lives with us, because I don’t know how I would survive being alone all the time!  

But we had such a great weekend, so that makes everything a little better!  

Friday was our last day with our mom, so Michelle and I both worked half the day, and then spent the rest of the day with our mamma!  We took her to In-N-Out for lunch, because she need her burger fix, and then we headed to the zoo.  We didn’t walk around the zoo, because it was about 104’ out, and our mom is not a fan of the heat, so we just went into the gift shop so our mom could get some souvenirs.

Mom and I at the Zoo entrance
After the zoo, I decided to take our mom to Dos Gringos for some drinks.  I think this was our 1st time at a bar with our mom.  We hung out there for a while, and Jon came to join us after her got off work.  We had such a fun time!
Happiness with my mamma and siser!
My lovie and I!
We spent the rest of our evening at home, relaxing, mom made mole for dinner, and then we FINALLY watched Frozen.  I’vebeen wanting to watch that movie for so long!

Saturday, we had to be up bright and early to take our mom to the airport, sad day :(  It was so nice to have our mom here with us for a week, and her home cooking wasn’t too bad either, lol.  Now let’s just hope I can pull off some of her yummy recipes on my own!

After that airport drop off, we headed to the hardware store to get some PINK paint so I can FINALLY start getting my “Dressing Room” together, YAY! I can’t wait to post a before / after picture of my room!

Jon and I had such a productive morning, we got the paint, checked out Planet Fitness near our house and got our gym membership, ran to his office, checked out a mall by our house, and had a nice little lunch date :)

It was such a hot sunny day, that when we got home, we decided to have a little pool party.  We had our music playing, nice cold drinks, and played some pool games, it was so much fun.  
Miley was not happy with me because I made her get into the pool! Poor doggy!
Later that night, we decided to walk to the bar near our place for some dinner, and ended up staying there for quite some time because they had a band playing, and Jon loves his live music!

Yesterday, we had a very low key day.  Michelle and I spent most of the day watching movies and Jon spent his day watching sports.  The joys of having a basement! Now we are all happy, watching TV in our own spaces :)

I hope this week goes by fast and I am able to get some rest, even though I’ll be missing my lovie!  I'm excited for Memorial Day weekend; hopefully we can have another pool party!

Happy Monday!!!!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Mothers Day Weekend

What a great Mothers Day weekend! Its been so nice to have my mom here with my little sister and I.

Our mom arrived Saturday evening.  So before she arrived, my little sister and I decorated and got the place nice and cute :)

Crafting for my mamma!

The mothers day banner I made :)
Michelle and I made cards for our mom.  Jon was SO sweet, he got a card for my mom and wrote her a note entirely in Spanish! He totally made Michelle and I look bad because we both wrote in her card in English, lol. 
After we picked her up from the airport.  We were so excited to have her here with us finally!
Once we got home, we gave her a quick tour of our new home, and then headed out to dinner for some Mexican food & margaritas! Yum!
Us ladies outside Arriba!
Sunday, on actual mothers day, I wanted to make breakfast for our mom, BUT she couldn't just sit back and watch me cook, so she jumped in and took over! lol

After breakfast, we headed out the door to show our mom around Arizona!  We headed up to South Mountain to show her some Arizona views.

The sun was shinning bright and the wind was blowing so much! It almost blew me over, good thing Michelle was there to catch me!!

My lovie and I
After South Mountain, we headed to the Mexican market to get some refreshing agua fresca, Jon's newest obsession, but can you blame him? Agua fresca is the best!
The market had a Mariachi band playing in celebration of Mothers Day.  Our mom was happy :)
Jon enjoying his watermelon ague fresca 
After our adventurous day, we relaxed at home and watched some old home videos before we headed out to dinner to celebrate our mom some more!  We headed to Oreganos, an italian place, it was our 1st time there and we were very impressed!
Outside, waiting for our table.  Michelle decided to revert back to being moms baby, lol.
Chich being silly, while waiting for our dinner.
The hubs and I.  He makes my heart happy!
 Michelle and Jon like being a little weird with their food, sooooo they decided to experiment with the pizza and pasta: Pastapizza!

And that was our Mothers Day weekend with our mom.  We had such a great weekend with her and I am even more excited that we get to have her here with us until Saturday!  She's been showing me some of her recipes and I hope someday, I am as good of a cook as her!

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Friday, May 9, 2014

Happy Happy Friday!

I am so happy that its friday! Not only does Jon come home from being in Cali all week, but my mom arrives from Oregon tomorrow afternoon!
FaceTime with my lovie
My cuddle buddy while daddy is out of town
Im so excited to have my mom here for mothers day and for an entire week! I haven't seen my mom since I was in Oregon last, which was in August.  I think thats the longest Ive gone without seeing my mom, so it'll be nice to have her home with me & my little sister for a week!
My momma and I !
Hope everyone has a great Mothers day weekend!

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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Party on a school night!

What’s a girl to do when your husband is out of town for the week?  Well you have a girl’s night on a “school” night!

My little sister, Lindsey and I had a fun little girl’s night/slumber party last night.  Lindsey’s husband is in New Mexico for the entire summer, which is not fun when you are a newlywed :( and since Jon is gone a lot, we decided to start having these fun girls’ nights.

We had round 2 of our Mexican fiesta dinner, drank quite a few vodka/cran drinks and watched WAY too many Justin Bieber music videos! Lol.  But really, you can never watch too many Justin Bieber music videos, lol.  

We set up the AppleTV in the living room, and spent our night watching old music videos, which consisted of JB (of course), but we also threw in some Chris Brown, Timeflies, Mac Miller, and anything else we were in the mood for.

We didn’t even stay up too late, which I’m pretty proud of!

Of course Miley had to be a prt of the fun too!

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