Saturday, December 31, 2011

Ringing in the new year with friends!

I wont write much on this post.  We had a great time with our friend and Ill let the pictures do the talking.....

Friday, December 30, 2011

Portland for the weekend!

We started our day bright and early, said goodbye to Jon's parents and then we all hit the road to Portland.  I wanted to leave early because i really didn't want to get stuck in traffic on the way down and we didn't! It was a quick and easy drive down, thank goodness! When we got to Tigard, we planned on heading straight to my mom's house, but she was still at work, so we went to visit Patty.  I haven't seen her in so long and she just moved into a new place, so it was nice to sit and hang out with my sister for a bit.  The kids were all happy to see Miley, so we decided to leave Miley with them for the weekend. Miley loves her cousins and Tia Patty! lol. Once my mom was off work, we went to visit her and then we all went over to Monica's house to say hi (my mom, Jon and I).  I haven't seen Monica in a VERY long time or my nieces or nephew so we hung out there for a bit too.  They have the cutest little dog, she is way smaller than Miley, i wish i would of brought miley with me so she could meet her doggie cousin! lol.  After all of the family visiting, we left to pick Michelle up from work and then headed over to my moms to hang out, have dinner and give them their Christmas gifts.  As always, my moms dinner was wonderful and Jon wished i could cook as good as day I WILL be there! :)  After all of the fun family time, we went over to Kolis to say hi and to congratulate her and Kyle on their engagement :)  We had a fun time there, Koli busted out her new blender and we had some fun in the kitchen making smoothies, with a little bit of vodka......
I'm so happy to be back in Portland with our family and friends! I have missed them so much!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Tokyo Steak House

We had a busy day today with lots of running around, but we got a lot done and we had a good time spending time together.  We took Betsey and Bill to Tokyo steak house because they have never been to a restaurant like it, and plus this is my favorite place! We always have such a good time here and we did again tonight.  The cook was really nice and had fun with us, as you can see in the picture below :)  We all caught the shrimp in our months, except for Bill, but Miley found it in his shirt when we got home, lol.  she went CRAZY! She wanted to eat it, but i had to be a mean mom and had Bill throw it away instead of giving it to her.  After dinner and all of the running around, we watched some home movies of Jon growing up, that was fun and it was cute seeing Jon as a kid with his family.  Oh and another great thing we did today, we FINALLY got all of our wedding pictures developed! We developed 885 pictures at Costco, now we need to put them in frames and decorate our place with them :)
I look terrible in this picture!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Burns have arrived!

I started my day off early to get everything ready for the in laws to arrive :)  Miley hung out with me in our bedroom while i got it together.  She loves napping on our big fluffy pillows.  And i also LOVE our bed and that Jon is okay with sleeping and living in a pink bedroom, awesome husband or what??!!! lol

Even though Miley is still a young dog, all she wants to do is nap, she loves to play fetch and play with her toys, but sometimes i feel like she sleeps more than anything... silly girl.
Jon's parents arrived around 5, we were very excited to see them :)  We helped them unpack their car and Betsey (Jon's Mom) put out our gift and out them under our tree along with theirs. 
Jon's dad LOVES Miley, he is too funny with her.  Miley loves when he is around because he totally spoils her and treats her like a baby, he's worst than i am with her, lol.  After presents we went out to dinner at Cafe Veloce down the street from us.  That place is sooo yummy! They have the best pasta!!!  Jon's parents loved it too, they were very happy that we went there for dinner.  Once we got home, we took pictures in front of the tree and then we looked at out wedding pictures.  We love looking at our wedding pictures :)

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Preparing for Christmas round 2

Today was my 1st vacation day at home alone with Miley.  Miley was obviously a very happy girl about this.  It was nice to sleep in and just hang out at home, but i also got things gone and got more boxes unpacked.  I want to make sure that our place looks nice and put together when Jon's parents arrive tomorrow.  
This is what my day looked like when i would sit on the couch.  I love Mileys new sweater that she got for Christmas, she is too cute.  She is also cuddling with her new favorite toy that she also got in her stocking.
Once Jon got home, we relaxed a bit and then headed to Ross to get some Christmas presents for Jon's parents and also for my mom and for chicha.  We found some nice things for them and i also found a super cute Betsey Johnson laptop bag, love it! Once we got back home, i started to wrap all the Christmas presents.  I actually enjoy wrapping presenters and making them pretty for other people :)

Monday, December 26, 2011

Relaxing Day

This is pretty much all we did today! Miley was a very happy girl napping either on my lap or Jon's.  Jon left the house to go to target and he got me the Sims game for my 3DS.  Other than that, we hung out and spent time with each other.  Jon has to work tomorrow and i get to sleep in and get our place ready for when Jon's parents arrive on Wednesday! 

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!!!

I am SO happy writing this post because i am writing it off my NEW laptop!!!! I am so excited and happy that Jon got me a laptop.  I have been wanting one for a very long time and have never had one before, so when i opened this gift i couldn't be happier.  I love Jon and how wonderful he is to me!  I also got the 3DS that i have been wanting for a very long time now too, some jeans, gloves, modern family - second season, a Jodie Picoult book -  which i already have, so ill just return it for another book that i want and an hello kitty iPhone charger for my car.  He also gave me a really sweet card.  He did such a good job this Christmas and spoiled me VERY much! I love him!  

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve traditions

Here is a recap of our Christmas Eve......
I started my day with mimosas and breakfast.  Actually breakfast wasn't that great, unfortunately!  I found a recipe on pinterest, but it wasn't good at all.  I followed the directions step by step, ol well,  we still had a good morning :)

Our little Miley spending time with her daddy...

After breakfast, we decided to head to Old Navy because i had a groupon that i needed to use.  This is my super cute outfit that i wore today.  I love my tights and my skirt....

my Cute hubby sporting his new duck hat..

After shopping at old Navy, i got 2 new sweaters.  We decided to check out the ceramic shop across from old Navy.  I have been looking for a personalized Christmas ornament for this Christmas that represented us and living in Washington, but I've had no luck.  SO we decided to make our own, which is such a better idea!  So we each made an ornament.  Jon's says "Married Christmas" and my says "2011 Burns, WA" and with our names on the back.  I love it!

After all of the ornament fun, we went and took a picture with Santa! lol.  We are such dorks but i think its cute and fun :)  This is definitely something that Jon and I will be doing every Christmas eve! After all of that fun, we went home and started on our Mexican Christmas Eve dinner.  I made Mexican rice, beans and chicken with flour tortillas.  The chicken didn't turn out as good as i hoped, but everything else turned out well and Jon and I enjoyed our dinner very much.  Ill eventually get a whole lot better with cooking Mexican dinners.  

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