Friday, April 26, 2013


I'm heading back to Portland in 21 days……

And It’s been 7 ½ months since we made the big move from Washington to California, and boy oh boy was it quite an adventure!!!! If you are new to the blog, you should definitely check out this post and this post!

This was the toughest and most challenging move Jon and I had to make yet.  Because of all of the obstacles we faced, but also because this placed us even further away from our family and friends, we were no longer just 3 hrs away from Portland, which makes it hard when all you want is to see your family and regroup.

This was our toughest move BUT it’s also been the best move we have made.  We LOVE it here.  We still can’t get over the fact that California is now our home.  Yes, it’s only been 7 ½ months, but we already feel right at home here and are so ready to settle down and plant some roots here. 

The thing that I miss most about Oregon is my family….. of course I do miss my friends, but my heart has been pretty sad lately because I miss my family SO much.  I miss being around my mom, all of my sisters and especially my nieces and nephews.  That’s what I miss the most, being an aunt.  I miss hearing their voices calling me “Tia Lupita” It’s so hard to watch them growing up without me being around.  I'm SO looking forward to see all of them and giving them a huge hug!  

This is the longest I have ever gone without seeing them.  Talking on the phone and face-timing is great, but I’m ready to there with them.   

I hope these next few weeks go back fast!!!!  Im ready for some Oregon in my life!

Happy Friday!

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Friday, April 19, 2013

Friday's Letters

Dear Miley, We celebrated your 3rd birthday on Wednesday and had so much fun! You are so darn cute!!! Especially when you wore your party hat.  I know you were a little mad at me about it, but I just couldn't help it, I love dressing you up!

Dear Husband, When you texted me on Wednesday, telling me that you had a surprise for us, I was expecting something a little more exciting than a TV.  I think that surprise was just for you! :) and now we have more TV's than there is room for in our house.  I just don't get it....

Dear work, Things have been a little crazy this week! I wish things would slow down a bit, but I do love that I'm getting thrown into so many new situations and learning so much! That's what makes me love my job, there is something new everyday! Now if only doing New Employee Orientation was more exciting.....

Dear Hair appointment, I cannot wait to get my hair cut tomorrow, hopefully I have a better experience this time than the last time.  I hope the new person I'm seeing tomorrow can fix what the last person did.  I miss my hair girl in Oregon, she always did such an awesome job :(

Dear Spring, I love you and all of the sunshine and warm weather that you bring! I love driving home from work and enjoying the sunshine on my face!

Dear Weekend, I am so happy that you are finally here!!! Ive been waiting for you to show your pretty little face since Monday!


Thursday, April 18, 2013

Random Thursday

Happy Thursday! We are 1 more day closer to the weekend and I cannot WAIT until its 5:00pm tomorrow and I can get my weekend started!!! Oh and it also helps that its payday, so that always makes a Friday 10x's better :)

This weeks random Thursday is....
And who doesn't love talking about make-up???

Well start with Maybelline's Baby Lips
I LOVE these, and I try to collect all of the different shades that they have.  I always have a large amount of these hanging out in my purse.  And when I want restock, its always a little hard, because these lip balms are VERY popular.  I'm always on the look out for them and when I do finally find them, I try to snatch 1 of each color.  I highly recommend these.  They are so fun!

Bare Minerals foundation, I've been using this for years and I love it! I don't like using the liquid foundation because it makes me feel like my face cannot breath, this makes my face happy!

Maybelline Great Lash Mascara, Ive tried all the other mascaras out there BUT i always come back to this! It works the best on my lashes and it makes them look full and long.  I love it! 

Victoria's Secret Bronzer, I use this over the bare minerals foundation, because I like to add a little more color to my face :) I'm a little obsessed with this! And it still keeps my face and skin tone looking natural, which is what I like! 

Sephora Glitter Liquid Eyeliner, I wear this over my eyeliner, mostly on the weekends when I want to add a lil sass to my look.  It totally makes your eyes pop! 
 Sephora Hello Kitty Liquid Eyeliner, I really like this! Its like a marker and makes putting eyeliner on very easy! This is also something I wear on the weekends when I want to have fun with my eyeliner and add some more sass :) I have this in black and purple
Victoria's Secret Blush, I love this because it adds a pretty natural color to your cheeks.
 Maybelline Unstoppable eyeliner, This is my go to eyeliner that I use most of the time.  I LOVE it! It is unstoppable and lasts all day, which is great for long work days! If you haven't noticed eyeliner is MY thing.  Like I cannot leave the house without eyeliner on!

Urban Decay Naked Palette, Um, LOVE THIS! This is my go to eyeshadow.  I love the shimmer to the colors and also that the colors are natural tones, which is what I like :)
 And last but not least, Urban Decay Eye shadow primer, this stuff is awesome! I use this when I know that I'm going to have a long day and need my makeup to last all day.  And it also makes your eyeshadow colors brighter.  Everyone needs to own this :)
I love makeup and trying new products, its so much fun to play with!

Happy Thursday friends!!!

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Wednesday, April 17, 2013


So.... Im going through some chnages with my  blog.  And as some of you may have already noticed, I have already changed my URL, which has caused a bigger headach than I had imagine. 

If you followed my  blog on Bloglovin with my previous URL, you will no longer receive my blog post :( But you can fax that by clicking the link below! :) and if you dont follow me on bloglovin, then you should click the link below too! :)

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Today is my lil princess 3rd birthday!  I cannot believe that it has already been 3 years since our baby girl was born.  She always brings a smile to my face and is such a mama's girl.  Our lil Burns family wouldnt be complete without her!

We will be celebrating her special day today with a new dress, some yummy birthday girl treats and maybe even a cake! Ill make sure to document all of the fun and make a special blog post all about it!

Here are a few pictures of her that make my heart happy!
Family pictures Summer 2012
Miley sporting her cool San Jose Sharks shirt
Cuddling with her daddy
I love this picture of her! Last spring, when we lived in Seattle.  Working on her tan :)
Cuddles with mom & dad.  Look at her lil tongue, so cute!

Team Burns

Always by my side :)
Oh and here is a little video that Jon made for me of her.  We are just a *little* crazy about her :)

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Friday, April 12, 2013


Dear Husband, I'm very excited for our fun filled weekend, starting with date night tonight, the beach tomorrow and then Six Flags on Sunday.  I love my life with you!

Dear Miley, Your 3rd birthday is Wednesday, and I cannot wait to celebrate you and spoil you even more than usual.  I cannot wait to dress you up in a pretty dress and bake you a special cake! Love you baby girl!

Dear Joe, Thanks for coming down and spending a few days with us.  We had such a great time with you here! Now I think you should just pack up your things, and move down, we just got a futon, and it has you name all over it! :)

Happy Happy Friday!!!


Thursday, April 11, 2013

Random Thursday

Linking for the 1st time with Lin, Em & Meg for their Random Thursday link up.  Luckily for me, the topic of this week is....

Such a fun topic for my very 1st link up! Yay!

Ill start off with the very obvious one..... 

1.  Hello Kitty.  I've been a Hello Kitty lover ever since I could remember. How can you not love her and her cuteness??!! :)
Husband and I at Knott's, where he won this lil Hello Kitty for me :)  Im also sporting my Hello Kitty vans here.
My wedding day couldn't be complete without showing some Kitty love :)
2. PINK!!! Anything and everything pink makes me a very happy person!
Just a small hint of what decorates the Burns home :)
3.  White Chocolate Mochas & Passion Tea Lemonades from Starbucks, yummy!!
Passion tea lemonades remind me of the day of my wedding, thats the 1st drink I had that morning while I got ready.  It holds a special place in my heart :)
You cant go wrong with white chocolate mochas on a cold day.
4. Life is better with New Girl!
Jon and I love this show.  She is too cute and Im totally rooting for Jess and Nick to finally get together! Come on!
5.  Betsey Johnson.  I LOVE her dresses! They are SO cute! I wish my closet could be as cute as her store!
I hope Im as cool as her when Im her age! 
My bachelorette party.  Betsey Johnson dress and heels! It was a must! :)
6. Volcom.  I dont talk about this addiction much, but it is! Ive been addicted to volcom since my teen years.  There was a point where I pretty much only lived in volcom t-shirts and hoodies! My office is about a 2 min drive from a volcom & hello kitty outlet, how dangerous is that??!!!
7.  Urban Decay Naked Palette
I hate to end my list at an odd number, but thats all Ive got for now! Happy Thursday friends!!!

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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

My Pretty new car!

Back in March, I was lucky enough to FINALLY get a new car! Yay me!!!

Saturday morning, we were up bright and early and met up with our downstairs neighbor.  He used to manage a car dealership and has close connections to all the other car dealerships in town.  So he offered to take us car shopping and help us get the best deal possible, and boy, did he deliver!

I've had my eye on a specific car for about 3 weeks.  I had found it online, and kept it up on my laptop, every time I was playing on my laptop, I would look at the pictures of that car and dream about how cool it would be if it really was mine! But it never went further than that, because my original car is paid off, and that money that would be spent on a car payment, goes to shopping or whatever else I want, and who wants to give up that luxury???

Before Jon and I even headed out that morning, he said "I'm not promising that you'll get a new car today, were just going to look at options" and that's what I had in mind, because committing to a car payment is a big commitment!

As soon as we got to the Volkswagen dealership, I saw *MY* car, the one I had my eye on for weeks, just sitting there all pretty, just waiting for me :)  Fred, our neighbor, told us to play it cool and not act too excited about the car.  So I did my best to keep it cool.  We looked at the car I liked and then we also looked at other cars, but my heart was already set on *MY* car, I knew what I wanted and it was just sitting there waiting for me! So we finally test drove it, I had a turn and Jon also had a turn at the wheel. 

After the test drive we went inside to talk numbers, and this is where Fred, our neighbor, took over and rocked it for us! We couldn't of imagined the deal that we got.  They treated us like family at the dealership because of Fred.  I am SO happy that he offered to help us with this! So after a few hours, lots of hugs and high fives, I drove away in my new car! YAYAYAYAYA!!!!

My new car!!!!! lol, yea right! If I could of gotten this car, I would have! My dream is to own a pink car, and it WILL happen :)
Excited to drive my new pretty car home!
I got a 2010 VW Tiguan
The 1st thing to go into my new car was a Hello Kitty air freshener. 
My old lil buddy.  Ive had that car since I was 23, I'm going on 30 this summer.  You do the math...
I had to say goodbye to my lil car on Monday.  Its headed back to Oregon to my lil sister. 
It was a little scary to go from a small car to a lil SUV, but ive gotten used to driving it and I LOVE it! I feel so *cool* now :) I am so happy to finally have a *grown up* car.  I just made my very 1st car payment last night, my closet was sad but I'm a very happy girl!

I just gotta say, seat warmers are the BEST!!! I look forward to my lil seat warmers every morning :)

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