Saturday, March 31, 2012

Ainara's bday celebration

We celebrated Ainara's birthday tonight.  We had a few of her friends over and then we all headed downtown Kirkland to meet up with the rest of her friends.  It was a fun filled night.  Below are a few pictures of our night. 

I enjoy jello shots and i use any excuse for me to make them.  So Ainara's birthday celebration was a perfect excuse to make them! 
Preparing the jello shot cups to be filled. 
Raspberry jello with raspberry vodka.  

I made the jello shots by just following the directions on the box.  But instead of using 2 cups of "cold water" i used 2 cups of vodka. 
Mixed and ready to be poured.  I pour the jello mix into a measuring cup and then slowly poured it into the little jello cups. 
All ready to go into the fridge.
Miley decided to nap while we prepared for the festivities. 
I ordered Hello Kitty decals a few months ago, and i finally decided to use one.  I think they look pretty cute! 
Waiting for our friends to arrive. 
Jon made margaritas to start off the night. 
The boys
The birthday princess with her glow stick scepter 
The group.
We were the glow stick group for the night
Lol, i love the boys in the back with their glow stick power poses. 
Macho men!
The girls

Her scepter ended up in her beer?! lol

More glow stick power! 

We all had a very fun night.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Friday night craft night

I got to pamper myself today after work and got a manicure.  I tried a different place this time, i wasn't too impressed with the place i went to last time, so I went to luxury nails today and i was very impressed with them.  I love the way my nails turned out.  I will definitely go back to them. 

Later Ainara and I got together to have craft night and we had a ton of fun.  Of course, I found this craft on pinterest.  Link here
We used mod podge, mod podge clear sealer, painters tape, glitter and of course wine glasses.  We got the wine glasses and the painters tape from the dollar tree. 
We used the painters tape to make our designs onto the wine glasses.  I took the easy route  with mine.
Ainara went with a design a little more complicated.
We started with the stems of the win glasses.  1st we put mod podge onto the wine glass and then poured the glitter over it.  We did this over coffee filters, which made it easier to pour the unused glitter back into the glitter container.  We let the mod podge and glitter set for about 10 mins, then we repeated the step again, to make the glitter stand out more.  
After we did the stem, we then did the top of our glasses repeating the same steps. 
I really like the way the black turned out. 
After 1 coat of glitter
After the second coat
We let our glasses sit for about 10 minutes to dry, then took the painters tape off and then took our glasses outside to spray the clear sealer onto the glitter to keep if  from coming off.
The final product.  They turned out good, but i would recommend keeping the tape on your glass when you spray the clear sealer, to keep the glass without the glitter from looking cloudy.  I didn't think about that! lol 
Close up of my stem
Close up of the top.
I think this was a pretty fun and easy project.  I will definitely do this craft again and get a little more creative with my designs :)

Happy Friday!

Saw this on pinterest and it seriously made my day! I used to L.O.V.E this movie!

Jon and I have a fun filled weekend planned. 
Tonight Jon is going to beer pong with Chris & JJ, while Ainara and I have craft night.  We are having a lunch date today and heading to the dollar tree to get some wine glasses for our awesome craft tonight.  And of course well also be enjoying a few glasses of wine while we craft.

Tomorrow night we are having a little get together at our place for Ainara's birthday, which was on Wednesday.  We are all meeting and hanging out at our place and then well be taking a cab downtown Kirkland to dance the night away.  Cant wait!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Happy Happy day!

OMG!!!! Today has been such a wonderful day! It’s started out with a phone call...... I got a call from a temp agency, Volt. I applied for an admin job through them yesterday, and they called me this morning about a different job they thought would be a good fit for me. So I called them back, and I got some more information. The job they thought I would be perfect for is a job at Microsoft, as an HR assistant!!! Ummmm...... I’ve been looking for an HR assistant job since we moved out here, but haven’t had any luck! It’s what I did at OHSU and even though extremely stressful, I loved it! So I spent the next 30 mins on the phone when Brandon (volt guy), talking to him about my previous experience and he filled me in some more about the Microsoft job. Even though this position will be a temp position, it’s still a GREAT opportunity to get my foot through the door with Microsoft, and hopefully, if I get the job, my boss will fall in love with me an hire me on as a permeate employee. So we ended the call with Brandon  submitting my resume to the Microsoft manager looking to hire an HR assistant, and hopefully I get a call back within the next few days for an interview! Fingers crossed!

While I was on the phone with Brandon, I got another call and was left a voicemail. My day got even better after I checked that message, because it was from Holly at the Seattle Children’s Hospital! Another job that I applied for yesterday. I seriously have been applying at Seattle Children’s Hospital even before we even moved out here. That is THE place I want to work at, and it’s been SO hard to get an interview with them. So I called Holly back, and she told me that she wanted to schedule a 30 minute phone interview with me and the hiring manager for Monday. I hope I do well on my phone interview and that they want me to come in for a formal interview so I can sell them on my skills. I am so excited about both opportunities! I would be happy with either one of these jobs, let’s just hope that I get hired on to one of them!

Today has definitely been a good day!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Let the job search begin!

I spent most of my day today updating my resume and submitting it to a few positions that I found on craigslist and  And I was lucky enough to get a call on 2 jobs that I applied for.  But after speaking with both companies, they aren’t really what I’m looking for.  Since I currently have a job where I get paid well and have benefits, I can be picky with what my next job will be.  I'm not going to leave my current position for job that is going to pay me less than what I’m currently making.  I'm going to just keep looking and hopefully, I can find something GREAT! I also emailed Gay, the best boss EVER, from OHSU, to write me a letter of recommendation, because maybe if include that, I can sell myself more about how great of an employee I am, it’s worth a try!

Our kitchen table is ready for spring and sunshine!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Tuesday news....

I did some cleaning and organizing at home today.  Out mail area was starting to get a little out of control.  I was just throwing the mail in our slots, but i was never actually opening my mail, and the coupon slot was just becoming a junk slot.  So i went through the whole thing, and threw out all the expired coupons and cleaned out my old mail.  Jon has actually been really good about his and checks it everyday. 
I also put a pink try out for Jon's watch and head phones that are always sitting on the shelf. 

The bottom of the shelf still needs some work.  Its currently holding my wedding bouquet, lol
Jon also met with his regional manager today and it looks like we won’t be moving to Californian as soon as I was hoping.  We still have another year or two before they start considering us for the move.  Jon is currently building up business in Canada, and until that is on a roll, we then can talk about our next move.  I’m okay with us staying in Washington longer, I don’t mind living here.  I actually do like living out here, and experiencing all of this and our 1st year of marriage together, as a team.  With this new information about our current living situation, I realized that I need to start looking for a job that I actually enjoy.  My current job is just SO boring, like the highlight of most of my days are making copies for the faculty.  I went from a very busy, challenging job that I was proud of, to a job where I spend most of my time online, just wishing for the time to go by faster.  So I need to work on updating my resume and putting myself back out there.  Hopefully, I can find something that will challenge me and make me happy!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Man Cave upgrade

Got home from work today and got right to work on putting together the TV stand for Jon's room.  For some reason it took me longer to put together his TV stand than it took to put together the living room one,and his is smaller.  It was just a little more complicated, but i got it done and was very proud of  myself :)
This is what it looked like with the old table, which as you can tell, the glass was breaking from the weight of the TV.
The new TV stand

His room with the new TV stand.
 For some reason my phone took terrible pictures, so I'll have to take some new ones tomorrow.  There still some organizing the do in Jon's room, but were getting there.

We also bought a new picture for our living room when we were at Ikea on Sunday, and finally hung it up.
The lonely frame that hung on our wall before

And the after.  We love this picture, it helps us embrace the fact that we are now Washingtonians! lol
 I will take & post better pictures later this week because these pictures are terrible!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Living Room upgrade

We had a nice and relaxing day today.  We were up bright and early, its kind of hard to sleep in, when we are sleeping on an air mattress in the living room with the sun shinning in my eyes. 
Jon went to the gym 1st thing in the morning and i cleaned up our home.  Mileys room was such a mess! She always destroys her bed and plays with her food, so she has food everywhere.  So I washed her bed, her sheets and also took out the bottom part of the crate and gave it a good cleaning. 
Her cute princess bed.
Her room. She also has teddy bears that she sleeps with.  I love her little space, and she loves it too.  She knows that its just for her, and we often find her in there, just hanging out.
Jon's daily work outs are really paying off.  He works very hard to stay fit and healthy.
Today was a big day for march madness, the teams were competing to be in the final 4.  Jon is going to Kansas and was very happy that they won!  After the basketball games, we headed to Ikea.  We needed a new TV stand for our living room.  Right now it looks like this:
And i hate it.  It just looks messy and cluttered, especially with all of the cords showing.  We also needed a TV stand for Jon's bedroom, because currently, the TV is on a table and the weight of the TV is slowly cracking the table.  Not good!

Our trip to Ikea was very successful and we found the perfect TV stand for our living room and Jon's room. When we got home, I got started on putting the TV stand together, I love puting furniture together!
Part of the TV stand before
and after!
Second part of the TV stand before
and after.
And the final product!
I LOVE this new TV stand, it kind of makes me feel like we have a "grown up" living room now, lol.  The 2 bottom end holes are actually going to be drawers, but Ikea was out of the parts, so we need to go back on Tuesday to get them.  There are a few more changes being made in the living room, which i will of course post about!
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