Tuesday, August 20, 2013

New Beginings!

Today is my last day at work, after today, ill be back on the hunt for a new job in a new state. 

I was with my company for a little less than a year, I started with them back in October.  I have gone through many changes with them! I started off as an Admin in one department, then 2 weeks later was promoted into my current position as an HR Assistant.  When I got promoted, I moved into a different building closer to home, then in January, we all moved into a brand spanking new building to accommodate most  of our staff.  It has been a fun ride!

I love what my company does for the community and what is stands for.  I have enjoyed the people that I have worked with and being able to help them as best as I could. As people stop  by my office to say their goodbyes, one thing that I continually hear, is that they will miss my smiling face and friendly attitude, and that makes me happy.  I feel like being in HR, we are here to help staff and make them feel comfortable to come and speak to you, and I'm glad that I was able to do that. 

Working here, I had to learn how to work with different types of people, and that was a little hard on some days, but I am leaving here with a smile on my face and a love for this place.  Nothing will ever compare to my job in Oregon, but with every move, I am getting closer and closer to finding another position like that! 

I am looking forward to this new adventure, and I feel like with this move, I can redefine myself career wise, maybe I wont do HR again or maybe I will, maybe Ill go back to my 1st love of working with kids?  My only criteria for my next job is that it makes me happy and that I have fun with it. 
Me in my office.  Jon took this picture of me when he stopped by for lunch one day :)
Tonight, Jon and I are hopping on a plane and heading to Oregon! I am so excited to be back in Oregon with our family and friends.  Wednesday night we will head into Bend, OR, with our friends, and then Saturday is wedding day for one of my best friends, and I am lucky enough to be a bridesmaid!  I'm just hoping and praying that my dress doesn't arrive too wrinkled from our flight, eeekkk! 

We will be back Monday, and just in time to get serious about our packing before the movers arrive Thursday morning and we start our new adventure in Arizona! Its going to be a great 2 weeks, although stressful, I cannot wait!!


Monday, August 5, 2013


Jon and I got back from our trip to Arizona late last night.  I did not want to come back! I loved it out there! The weather, even though hot, was great and the place was just awesome! I love how clean and pretty everything was and there were no crazy drivers! Which is a huge change compared to life out here in California :0) Jon was the crazy California driver this time, lol.

We caught our flight out Thursday night.  Miley stayed back in Cali with the dog sitter. 
Miley was sad Wednesday night when she saw me packing my bags.  Just look at those eyes!
Jon and I arrived at the airport pretty early, so we grabbed dinner and some drinks.  The we headed towards our gate.  We cut it super close, because by the time we got to our gate, everyone was already boarding.  We were pretty much the last ones to get on the plane, oops!
Ready to do some house hunting!
The temp outside when we arrived.... craziness!
We were up bright and early Friday to start house hunting.  My only requirement for our home was to have our own pool. 

This was the backyard for the 1st house that we saw.  The backyard was awesome BUT the inside was not.  Lame!
We saw lots of cactus!
Jon and I were VERY happy to see that they have Dutch Bros. in Arizona, so we had to make a stop for some fuel!
Happy Wendy! Reminds me of home!
After house hunting we just drove around the area.  We then stopped in at a sushi restaurant so Jon could get his sushi fix.
Jon made me pose for the picture, I don't even know how to use chopsticks! lol

Saturday morning, we already knew what house we wanted, but thought we should look at more houses just to be sure.... but we were also afraid that the house that we loved would be snagged up by someone else, so at 10:57am we made the call for the house that we loved! Yay!!! We made plans to meet with the landlord (Denise) at 5:00 that evening to sign the paperwork and make it official!

 The house and Denise are awesome! She has no problem with holding the house for us until we move in at the end of August, and already gave us our house keys.  We told her our horror story about moving to San Jose and the big scam we had to deal with.  And she even took us over to meet our new neighbors.   Jon and I are very excited for our new house! We got the perfect lil 3 bedroom house, with an awesome backyard, with not only the pool that I wanted, but also with a hot tub and an orange tree! Yay!
Our new backyard! I cant wait to hangout here and enjoy the sunshine! I also love that we have a grassy area for Miley to hang out at :0)
Our 1st picture together outside our new home in Arizona!
After getting out home finalized, we met up with one of Jon's friend from college, Curtis.  Jon and Curtis were roommates when Jon and I started dating, and we hadn't seen him since our wedding 2 years ago.  So it was fun catching up and listing to their college day stories.

Sunday, we had the whole day just to enjoy the city.  So we checked out a mall near Jon's new office.  That was a little different, they were having a concert, so there were lots of people there for the performance.

Then we also checked out Scottsdale, and found the Oregon Ducks bar, which is very important for Jon to have a bar to go to during football season.  We hung out there until we had to head to the airport.
The have pineapple beer, which was super yummy!
Now I'm back to work

Booo work!

I'm excited for this next move, I think we are really going to love living in Arizona!  I seriously did not want to come back! lol

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