Thursday, September 11, 2014

Our Wedding Anniversary Getaway

Hello!!! Blog world! Lets see how long I'll stick around for before I disappear again! lol

Jon and I celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary back in July and we had a little getaway to the beach in California, my happy place!

Jon and I had not been a trip, just the 2 of us, since out honeymoon, so we were really looking forward to this trip.

We jetted off to Newport beach Wednesday night after work, its def nice being just a short flight away from the beach :)

Enjoying some drinks before our flight 
Thursday was our actual anniversary.  So we started out the day by walking to breakfast, and then spending the rest of the afternoon enjoying the beach, we walked ALOT, but when your walking on the beach, I feel like you could just keep going and going, lol.

When we got back to our room, we started getting ready for dinner, but we had a big problem! The dress I had packed with me to wear for our special night out DID NOT look good.  I was so upset that I would have to wear a boring old dress that Ive worn thousands of times BUT I've got a pretty awesome husband.  We hoped on an Uber ride to the nearest boutique, and we found me a new dress.  Thank goodness!

We headed to dinner at "Las Brisas" in Laguna Beach.  The place was great, they had yummy drinks and food, and an even better view.

Having drinks, waiting for our table
Our dinner view, with a pink sunset and everything :)
Celebrating 3 yrs with this man
Friday was of course another beach day, duh! lol Awesome thing about our hotel?  It was right across the street from the beach, yay! So friday we decided to rent bikes and go on a bike ride.
Before our bike ride, we had breakfast and I enjoyed a mimosa flight :)
Our cute bikes :)
Riding with my lovie
After bike riding, we took an Uber over to Huntington beach for some lunch and hanging out.  I love Huntington beach!
We had some adult snow cones :) And did little bit of shopping
After that, we headed back to Newport and got ready for our sunset cruise.  Jon found a super cheap groupon for a sunset cruise, with unlimited drinks, um yes please!!!  The cruise was so much fun! I want to go back and do it again!
Cruising adventures!
This makes my heart happy

Sunset loving! 
Saturday was another groupon day! We went out to breakfast and then headed to do some wine tasting.  We had such a fun time wine tasting.  The person serving us was such a sweet woman, she def made the experience much more entertaining :)
Jon and I found this cute lil breakfast spot in Newport.  
Wine & cheese makes me happy too! 
You can't celebrate you wedding anniversary without doing some wine tasting, since we had our wedding at a vineyard 
 After wine tasting, we decided to spend our last night hanging out at the Newport boardwalk.

When Sunday rolled around, it was time to go home, boo!  Im okay with living in the desert if i get treated to beach weekend getaways like this.  But one day, I hope we can move back, buy a little house, just the 2 of us, retire and live happily every after! :)

Oh and now its gift time!

I made & bought Jon's gifts.  I love crafting gifts and buying personalized gifts, not only is it more personal but its not expensive either, so its a win win!

Since Jon travels so much, I though this was a fun lil something for him to carry with him in his wallet to remind him how much he's loved by me
I also made Jon a "Passport" of some fun things we can do here in Phoenix.  We've been here a year, but haven't really done much around here, so this is a fun thing to get us out there. 
The back of the passport
The inside of the card
I also got him a leather luggage tag.

Jon got me a super cute charm to add to my special charm bracelet.  I love it!

The end :)

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